Tennis - proposition additional conditions

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Tennis - proposition additional conditions.

I suggest you add a condition associated with the final score in the 1st set.

The Condition will cover the following results in the 1st set: 6:0, 6:1, 6:2, 6:3, 6:4, 7:5, 7:6 (and analogously: 0:6, 1:6, 2:6, 3:6, 4:6, 5:7, 6:7).

If the result in the 1st set was 3:6 (or 6:3), then place your bet eg. BACK on the loser.



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  • Stefan
    13.11.2015 12:58:29

    For now the tennis bot supports two parameters SetScore and GameScore, only GameScore parameter is mandatory.

    GameScore defines current set score. What you suggest could have more general use if we introduce on which set the game score should be applied.

    So I would suggest using: PreviousSetGameScoreIndex parameter and PreviousSetGameScore parameter.

    What do you think about it?

  • Stefan
    14.11.2015 16:14:46

    I have just released the latest version of bfexplorer adding PreviousSetGamesScore parameter.

    I renamed some parameters so change your bot settings to reflect new parameters. SetsScore and PreviousSetGamesScore parameters support multi value settings, used separator is ;

  • skarabeusz
    7.12.2015 11:41:46

    You please see whether I have properly set parameters:

    If in the 1st set result is 6-3 then buy bet


  • Stefan
    7.12.2015 11:58:17

    Have we got a zero set in a tennis match?

  • skarabeusz
    7.12.2015 12:11:56

    6-3 - this is the result of the first set.

  • Stefan
    7.12.2015 12:25:48

    The tennis bot must know which previous set should be evaluated, and that is set by parameter PreviousSetIndex.

    A zero in a parameter value is generally used as not used bot parameter feature, and this approach is used through all bfexplorer bots.

    You can use the tennis bot without requiring previous set feature, right? Or you can use the tennis bot without sets score, right? So not setting SetsScore, or leaving not valid value for PreviousSetIndex, switches off the parameter/feature evaluation.

  • skarabeusz
    7.12.2015 12:48:20

    If I understand correctly, the parameter PreviousSetIndex should be set to 1:

  • Stefan
    7.12.2015 13:14:00

    Yes, PreviousSetIndex set to 1 will evaluate the first set result.

    Just think about it, and different possibilities you have got when using all parameters. You can set SetsScore for instance to 1 – 1, so now if you want you are able to setup a bot to trigger bot execution depending on how was played the first or second set.

    Similar like for SetsScore, you can use more scores for PreviousSetGamesScore separating them by ;

  • skarabeusz
    7.12.2015 13:19:59

     Thank you for your help.

  • skarabeusz
    2.2.2016 12:01:41

     Here are correctly set parameters.