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  • Stefan
    14.6.2016 10:25:49

    First you need to define how you will bet on games. Have a look at on “Tennis Bot”:


  • Stefan
    6.6.2016 15:07:26

    From BDP, please see the answer to your other question below:

    "The betfair market streaming service allows setting MarketFilter eventTypeIds, and many other filter criteria, what means that your app could be notified whenever betfair adds a new market to monitored eventTypeIds. The question is how frequently such filter setting queries data on betfair side?"

    Notification of new markets fitting the subscription criteria will be pushed out by Betfair within ~50milliseconds of them being published into our database.

  • Stefan
    6.6.2016 9:31:19

    When you place bets on a market you open your bet position on this market. On betfair you can close your bet position (cash out) by placing opposite bets to your opening ones.

    This procedure is also called: hedging, green out, close your bet position, and so on.

    In Bet Event (or Bet Event Trader) view you have got green or red button/s showing your current profit or loss on a market (on the market selection/s) when you place bets on the market (on the market selection/s) and these bets are matched. If you click on the button, then your market bet position is closed with profit or loss which the button was showing at the moment you clicked on it.

    You can find this feature on all green/red buttons, also in the Market menu (Market/Bet Wizards) when clicking on “Close Bet Position” or “Close Selection Bet Position”, and in the “Bots to Execute” when adding a bot by clicking Add a new bot button, you can find following bots:

    Close Selection Bet Position

    Close Selection Bet Position At Odds

    Place Bet And Close Selection Bet Position

    Trailing Stop Loss

    Close Market Bet Position

    Trailing Stop Loss On Market

    Those are all bots which are able to place your hedge bet to close your bet position automatically, and it is really only up to you which one you will use depending on a strategy you will execute.

    In your case, as you place more bets on more market selections, you need to use “Close Market Bet Position”.

    This article shows how you can add a new bot and execute it on market selection: My betfair bots.

    The procedure is the same, for any type of bot. You select the bot you want to use (in your case “Close Market Bet Position”), set its parameters and name your bot settings, clicking on Save button will your bot settings, and your bot appears in the list of Bots to Execute.

    Read the following article and watch the article video, showing automatic execution of similar strategy, you want to execute: Horse Racing - Dutch favourites and close bet position by hedging.

    On bfexplorer forum you can find more articles showing how to use “Close Market Bet Position” bot.


  • Stefan
    4.6.2016 11:58:59

    You installed software and I believe you read products web pages because you tried Bfexplorer BOT SDK as well.

    On bfexplorer product web page there is list of main features:

    So if you have got problems to understand a feature, you can watch short video showing you how to use such bfexplorer feature, tool or bot.

    In your betting/trading solution, there are included the following features:

    Bet operations

    My betfair bots

    Bot executor

    Therefore I do not understand why you posted a comment to the article/feature having no influence on what you want to do.

    Yes, in BOT SDK you can find bot scripts for dutching as well. You can manually place dutch bets using Bet Wizards (click on Market menu) and close market bet position using “Close Market Bet Position” bot at set profit or loss target.

  • Stefan
    2.6.2016 13:06:12

    You will need to use following bots:

    Place Bet

    Execute On Selections

    Execute On Associated Market

    If Then Else

    I do not know what kind of bets you want to place on 1 – 0, 2 – 0, 3 – 0 selections of the correct score market, it makes sense to be dutching bets, like you can find in Bet Wizards tools (click on the menu Market / Bet Wizards / Back Dutching)

    Unfortunately “Dutching Bot” is not yet available, so you can only use StakeType parameter of “Place Bet” bot to declare what Stake amount will be placed.

    To place bets on 1 – 0, 2 – 0, 3 – 0 selections you create bot settings using “Execute On Selections” bot. The 1 – 0 selection have index 5, 2 – 0 have index 9, and 3 – 0 have index 13, so in the parameter OnSelections you type: 5,9,13 and ask to execute your Place Bet bot.

    The next step is to use “Execute On Associated Market” bot, here you set BotName you want to execute, so it is bot name you created using “Execute On Selections” bot. The parameter Market name is: CORRECT_SCORE.

    You want to execute your strategy only on football matches where the home team is traded <= 1.5. All selection bots, so bots which offer the parameter ExecuteOnSelection, also offer selection criteria you can add in Entry Criteria tab panel.

    Unfortunately “Execute On Associated Market” bot is not selection bot, it is market bot having no information about the market selection on which it is executed, therefore you need to use “If Then Else” and set the parameter IfThenCriteria to: [LastPriceTraded] <= 1.5, and IfThenBotName to the assigned bot name of “Execute On Associated Market”.

  • Stefan
    1.6.2016 15:06:45

    Betfair introduced a new fee for software developers wanted to use betfair api, and I posted some comments there:


    Geoff, did you have email address to Senior Director, because I contacted Neil couple days ago and I did not receive any email yet. I am on betfair from 2007, and paid betfair on betfair api fees (for old api) more than 22500 GBP. Well, they say I must pay for their support; I am betfair software vendor offering my trading app for betfair, I paid 300 GBP fee per month, and stopped paying this fee just couple months before official release of new api ng. What I had got as promised support for my product? Well, quite opposite, they removed my bfexplorer bot sdk from offered products, and they did so again for new api ng, removing my posts here and not even mentioning my bot sdk in the list of api ng source code libraries.

    And got reply from Neil:

    We had several conversations by e-mail between us yesterday, but if there's a separate issue outstanding please let me know. BDP Support isn't available during weekends (or on bank holidays) as I mentioned yesterday when I responded to you.

    The previous API fees for Software Vendors and Personal (Full Access) customer's were £200 per month or £2000 per year.


    Here, is my answer:

    My fault it was amount in Euro I paid, the 300 amount number is just number I rember to pay back in 2007, so it was roughly 300 Euro per month, from that amount I calculated subscription fee for my product, hoping to get at least 10 paying users to get fees back I had to pay to betfair.

    Yes, now we communicate about market streaming problems, but the fact is that I still did not receive contact to your supervisor.

    Neil, show me what you did to support my product on app directory or on forum.

    I can refer to post here when I complained about your behavior when you did not want to add my product to new releases section on betfair app directory.

    Couple weeks ago you deleted my posts here about bot sdk, at that time we exchanged emails as well, and I reminded you this old story, well you finally agreed that you were wrong that as a matter of fact bfexplorer for api ng is a new product, asking me to send you information you will update to app directory.


    In protest I did not send anything saying that from app directory I have got 2-3 referrals per months, checking google analytics for May, I have got 0 referrals from betfair app directory.

    On the other hand, for god sake Neil, you are paid to do support for software vendors, so when you agreed you did wrong back in 2014 not flagging bfexplorer as a new release you could do so now at least. You could take a new picture from my web site as anyone comparing what you have got on app directory and what is from 2014 presented on my web pages, does not correspond to reality.

    Well, I wanted to ask your supervisor that and many other questions, but you did not send me contact to your supervisor.

    I am just making copy of this conversation to my blog, as I believe you will delete again my posts.

    Algotrader, yes I agree with you, T&C of this forum does not allow advertising, but many do so, just an example: James Butter advertising here his book: Programming for betfair, his articles or comments were not deleted but mine were deleted.

    I believe you agree that there is no difference between me and James Butler, he sells his book, and says thousands of befairians bought his book and made his own betfair bots. I try to sell my trading software and offer bot sdk for free, when bot sdk is used under the terms for free use of bfexplorer bot sdk.

    My posts here are deleted, and James Butler’s are not. Betfair advertise his book, but not my bfexplorer bot sdk.

    Actually my posts here about bfexplorer bot sdk, express my opinion on befair behavior I have got as betfair software vendor. Back in 2010 I think, I posted request to bdp to release to their betfair app directory my bfexplorer bot sdk as official product, they refused to do so. They have got my request but up till now they did not do anything with that. For new api ng I released new bot sdk again, and where is such information mentioned about it in app directory, in listing of betfair libraries?

    It is June 2016 now, 6 years back they did nothing.

  • Stefan
    22.5.2016 18:49:44

    Bfexplorer offers three types of subscription plan.

    Monthly subscription plan activates your betfair api access each months at day you created your paypal subscription to bfexplorer. No email is sent from bfexplorer when subscription is activated as the betfair api activation process is executed when paypal payment is received, and about this fact you already receives notification email from paypal.

    One year subscription plan is not recurring plan like monthly subscription plan, but betfair api activation is executed when paypal payment is received.

    Community subscription plan requires you to be an active user on bfexplorer forum. What does it mean to be active community user?

    If you go from trail subscription to free use of bfexplorer, then you must post at least one comment or artcle to bfexplorer forum.

    When you continue to use your free bfexplorer access to betfair api for following month/s then you must post an article or comment each week.

    When you use community subscription plan and want to use either basic or professional bfexplorer features, then you must be active community user like free users, and you must donate through paypal.

    The process of betfair api activation in this case is made through checking your activity status on bfexplorer forum when you login to betfair using bfexplorer app. If you are active user then your betfair api access is automatically activated with free subscription plan, after donating you must send me an email informing me that you made your donation, then I manually change your subscription status, so you will be able to use basic or professional features of bfexplorer.

  • Stefan
    11.5.2016 11:24:59

    “Close Selection Bet Position” bot closes your bet position when set Profit or Loss is reached. You can set ProfitLossType to: Money, Ticks or Percentage. If you want to hedge your bet position then leave default value for HedgingEnabled (True, checked), otherwise uncheck this parameter (set it to False), so then your bet position will be closed by NET stake, so by the same stake your bet position was open.

    As I said “Close Selection Bet Position” bot closes your bet position when set Profit or Loss is reached, therefore if you prefer to close your bet position at set Odds, then you must use the bot: “Close Selection Bet Position At Odds”.

  • Stefan
    11.5.2016 10:44:12

    Bfexplorer Spreadsheet is not Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The main purpose for bfexplorer spreadsheet is possibility to visualize data if that is required. The scripting language behind is any .net language you can use with Bfexplorer BOT SDK, I use F# programming language and your script was programmed in F# as well:

    If you want to change behavior of your TennisDataToSpreadsheet bot trigger then you need to change the code in this trigger bot script. Of course your trigger can be programmed in Visual Basic if you prefer VB to other .net languages.

    Other betfair apps use Microsoft Excel as the main scripting environment (Cymatic, Betting Assistant, Betting Angel). Bfexplorer uses its own betfair bot sdk, so any programmer can add a functionally to bfexplorer either by programming bot trigger script, bfexplorer console script or custom bot assembly that allows integrating your bots to bfexplorer.

  • Stefan
    29.4.2016 17:28:38

    Tell me what is 50% from 2.0 odds? I do not think it is 1.0, a common sense tells me that it cannot be so as on betfair we do not have odds 1.0, or am I missing something?

  • Stefan
    27.4.2016 15:20:32

    Have a look on getMyPrice function, and how the price (odds) is calculated.

  • Stefan
    27.4.2016 14:39:34

    Betfair once again removed my Betfair BOT SDK from their developers web site:

    I do not think this approach is in betfair interest as betfair business model works on commission fees on exchanges.

    More customers, means more commission fees for betfair. Bot developers make significant turnover on betfair markets, so leaving those developers without easy to use betfair bot sdk libraries like mine is contra productive from my point of view.

    I have got a feeling, that removing my BOT SDK from developers web site is just an opinion of one person in betfair, Neil Thomas. He is welcome on bfexplorer forum, to say why it is so. His opinion as well as any links to other betfair vendor products will never be deleted from this forum.

  • Stefan
    27.4.2016 12:08:34

    Yes, I also noticed issues with betfair tennis live score api as well, it happens with any service on the Internet, a degradation in service quality sometimes.

    Betfair offers web live score api, and on that service are available ITF matches as well. does not offer easy way to get data from.

    Basically all such services have one or maybe two sources of tennis data. If you have got some other web site for tennis information, then list them here and I will have a look on them.


  • Stefan
    27.4.2016 9:32:54

    Your bot trigger is here: ExecuteAtPricePercentagesBotTrigger

    The source code shows what parameters could be used and how. If you will need bot trigger assembly built from this source code, the let me know.

  • Stefan
    26.4.2016 13:35:14

    The source code to all bot triggers can be found here:

    Soon I will add ExecuteAtPricePercentagesBotTrigger.fs.

  • Stefan
    25.4.2016 20:27:20

    From betfair forum:

    Originally Posted by JayBee

    The above requires a subscription fee.

    JAYBEE, you are wrong.

    Bfexplorer BOT SDK is free and everything what user needs is to post on bfexplorer forum, and there is for it just one rational reason. Betfair api access is activated automatically each month by my authorization system on my web site, to active betfair api access, or better to say to generate betfair subscription code, and this is done only for those who posted articles, or comments. I do not have to do it manually, it is done automatically also for those who use free version of bfexplorer, not only for BOT SDK users.

    Using Bfexplorer BOT SDK, anyone can choose what he will use, and there are 4 different levels of using Bfexplorer BOT SDK code and/or assemblies/services.

    Bfexplorer app is just environment for loading markets, bots execution, and evaluation of results, and so on. If betfair programmer chooses to use BOT SDK and create bots which will be integrated to bfexplorer app (those are just projects MyCsharpBot or MyFsharpBot and MyBotTriggers), then is obvious he needs to execute them with bfexplorer.

    On the other hand he can use those 2 levels of programming with api only, and bfexplorer app domain, and in this case he will build his own app on those libraries, and it is really up to him, if he builds some user interface for his app, or will run it like console app or as a service, or as a web application on platform.

    For those who would require my support with bot development and will use bfexplorer app, there are 2 subscription plans. Either he decides to post on bfexplorer forum, or not, then of course he will subscribe, but his subscription fee can be just zero 0 GBP, 2.5 or 15 when posting on bfexplorer forum, or when donating amount between 2.5 to 15.

    If he does not want to post anything to forum, then of course he will subscribe with Professional or Basic subscription plan.

    I fully understand your opinion because no one will need to read your book, all what you describe in your book is already done.

    Please leave on betfairians what and how will be used. Those who want to build betfair apps from scratch and cannot read betfair documentation to betfair api will certainly buy your book.

    Those who want to skip this part, and actually develop only bot strategies or trading models can use my BOT SDK, or any other publicly available assemblies. On this forum I think can be found at least 3 or 5 such betfair libraries, mine is just one of them.

  • Stefan
    24.4.2016 18:40:45

    “Close Selection Bet Position At Odds” places a bet at current offered odds when you set the Odds parameter to 0, so this bot actually does not check your target odds in such case.

    Similar to Place Bet ... bots Min/Max odds difference feature, this bot offers the parameter CheckingLastPriceTraded (by default set to true, so this feature is active) and with the parameter CheckingLastPriceTradedDifference to place your bet only when odds difference between last price traded and current offered odds is <= CheckingLastPriceTradedDifference, so it waits till selection prices settles, as when odds rapidly changes mostly it is because offered bets are cancelled.

    You can use the parameter BetMatchingTimeout to set the time the bot will wait for your bet to be matched.

    You are not right, when price/odds changes the bot cancels your bet and a new bet is calculated for new price/odds, so stake cannot be the same. I think you did not realize that on any bet placed on betfair is applied best execution rule, your bet is matched at better odds if such odds is offered at the moment your bet is processed by betfair matching algorithm, therefore correctly hedged bet size will result in not balanced bet position.

  • Stefan
    24.4.2016 9:39:17

    Why are you using Fill or Kill bot, are you familiar with term book value, and what does it mean?