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No subscription

I just bought the 1 month subscription through paypal however, i cannot login. 
Please can you help?


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Comments ( 6 )

    6.5.2024 16:06:17

    My region is "United Kingdom"

    6.5.2024 16:06:58

    I have used this services before for the trial.

    6.5.2024 16:07:11

    The betfair account iam using is also active

    6.5.2024 16:08:27

    Oh nevermind, i didn't see there was a community and normal subscription section.
    Hopfully it can be exchanged.

  • Stefan
    6.5.2024 17:30:29

    Try now. When you pay donation I must active api access manually.

    6.5.2024 20:05:54

    Thank you Stefan. 
    All working now