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Cannot Login

I have subscribed today for 1 month professional but cannot login. I get a message saying that my credentials are invalid. What can be this problem ?

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  • Bela
    25.4.2024 2:29:38

    I could login now but only by using betfair website login instead of software app login.

  • Stefan
    25.4.2024 16:42:58

    There are restrictions for login to betfair account using betfair api for residents of these countries: Australia, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Romania.

    These users cannot login by using International User, they must select the exact jurisdiction in the ‘Login for’ entry.

    If you are using two factor authentication when login to betfair then you must switch on, in the Application / Settings / Use web page login, then when Login, the bfexplorer app offers to use web page for login.

    In my reports I can see that your api access was created, and without successfully login such access cannot be created, so it means you managed to login with the bfexplorer app.

  • Bela
    25.4.2024 18:05:07

    Yes, I saw your code when I selected "use web page to login" in "Settings" and could log in the app. But later it must automatically logged me off because I could no loger access any markets or see my account funds on the lower right corner of the app and had to login again with "use web page to log in". And if I turn off "use web page to log in" in "Settings" I cannot log in because I get that error message saying my username or passwod is incorrect when it's not because they are exactly the same I use when I log in with "use web page to login" and if I try more than three times with this error, betfair demands that I change my password. Do you know what could be this problem why I cannot log in without "use web page to login" and if I do wit "use web page to login" why I'm automatically logged off after a while ?  

  • Bela
    25.4.2024 20:07:05

     I have checked and have betfair two factor authentication "off" and logout preferences also "off".

  • Stefan
    26.4.2024 0:10:21

    I constantly work on new feature for bfexplorer app. The latest version can be found here: 2024 Preview

    Not on the download page. I have just added to the Login dialog show password button, when clicking on it (the button is at the right end of the password entry box).

    Please install this latest version so we can be sure you entered correct password.

  • Bela
    26.4.2024 13:20:50

    Thank you very much for your support. Yes, password is correct. I always copy/paste exactly the same username and password to login with and without "use web page to login". I have logged in yesterday with "use web page to login" and I'm still logged in now, without any automatic log out since yesterday. I will keep monitoring today and if no more automatic log out happens during the day, I think I will just keep logging in with "use web page to login" if it keeps working well. Do you think there is any difference regarding the app's performance by logging in always with "use web site to log in" turned on ?

  • Stefan
    26.4.2024 15:55:39

    There is no performance difference in using betfair api, by the way of bfexplorer app login to betfair.

    On the other hand when you use two factor authentication, then you must use web page login feature. Web page login must be used from Netherlands or Denmark (NemID) if I remember that correctly because in the login process it is included ID authentication which is required by law for all users using betting web sites.

    I think now I understand your issues maybe, so you leave bfexplorer app running for entire day, or hibernate your computer with running bfexplorer app.

    Bfexplorer app keeps your login session active every 15 minute. If you hibernate your computer and reactivate it again, if the login session is still active app can successfully run any api call again. If you want to run bfexplorer app for days, then better to switch off any possibility your computer is turn to hibernation or save battery mode when running on laptop.

    In some cases betfair api can be down for maintenance or there are some issues with befair api, when login session is still active bfexplorer app can automatically run even after minutes or hours of betfair servers were down, but for this feature you must login by login dialog, not by web page login, simply because app when needed will re-login to betfair again to retrieve a new api session token.

  • Bela
    26.4.2024 17:49:11

    Thank you very much for your message that explains very well how thie login process works on the app. I have kept logged in just to check if I'm logged out for any reason and I have not been logged out since yesterday but from what you have just said it would be much better to login the login dialog box instead of "use web page to login" to have access to that app feature you have mentioned that keeps the app running automatically even when betfair servers are down and will keep trying to understand how to overcome this error. Do you think it could be that I accidentaly mispelled my username when I registred on bfexplorer website or it has nothing to do with the app login dialog box ?  

  • Bela
    26.4.2024 22:43:07

    Problem solved. Thank you !