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Save Betfair Data to Database

This short video shows how to setup database and bot for saving betfair market prices. We use Microsoft SQL Server Express database and SQL Server Management Studio to manage database and query data.

After attaching database mdf file, you need to rename it to: MarketPricesDatabase

Your installation of SQL server will use different name, so you need to change the connection string when setting up your bot. The default connection string is:

Data Source=(LocalDb)\MSSQLLocalDB;Initial Catalog=MarketPricesDatabase;Integrated Security=True

So SQL server name is: (LocalDb)\MSSQLLocalDB, but on your computer this database server name will consists from computer name, so:


Therefor you need to set your bot to use different connection string, for instance:

Data Source= MyComputerName\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=MarketPricesDatabase;Integrated Security=True

You can execute your bot on manually open markets, or using Bot Executor on many market setting to start bot execution at set time, relative to official market start time.

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Comments ( 3 )

  • mamendola75
    4.9.2016 17:36:17

    Hi Stefan,

    is not possible make the same on MYSQL Database?

    Bye Vincent


  • Stefan
    4.9.2016 19:49:41

    Yes, I developed similar app/bot for MySQL as well.

  • Archie
    3.10.2016 20:44:04

    Hi Stefan,

    This bot called "save market prices" looks very similar to the "save in play market prices". Are they both available somewhere now the new release is available?