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  • Stefan
    27.3.2019 21:16:02

    I have just added new bot to bfexplorer called: “Show Market Selection and Alert”. If you want to use it install the latest version of bfexplorer:

    I have created new bot script TennisGameScoreAlertBot.fsx, you can add GameScore parameter adding values like this: GameScores:5 - 4|6 - 5

    Scores are separated by | and are written from position of serving player, have a look at the bot script on lines 49 – 63.


  • Stefan
    27.3.2019 9:37:14

    I do simple bot script development for my subscribers for free (that requires up to 1 working hour). I checked the script execution on my server, and no error message was reported, therefore I think you just tried to change the bot code and your changes produced error message you reported.

    Bfexplorer offers standard bots that require no programming skills. You just set the bot parameters and execute such bot. One of such bots is “Tennis Bot” so basically you can set your trigger parameters, and setup an action by BotName parameter that will be executed when trigger criteria are met.

    “Tennis Bot” stops its execution automatically when the action bot is triggered, so repeating bot action again can be made by recursion, what can be done by "Sequence Execution" bot, referring last bot name to execute in sequence to be the name of your sequence bot.

    The last think for your custom bot is “Notification Bot”, so bot that will alert you (speak some text), so similar like in TennisBreakPointAlertBot script.

    I will add such bot to standard bfexplorer bots adding one useful feature which you could see in the “Watch Favourite” bot. This bot displays market selection in Bet Event view automatically, so when monitoring for instance 50 tennis markets, the bot will automatically show in Bet Event view the market and selection on which the bot was executed.

    I will add updated script as well, but my idea was that users willing to share programming bot scripts will do so, therefor I posted tutorial bot scripts for learners of betfair bot programming on my github web page:

  • Stefan
    26.3.2019 17:55:32

    You have got MSCORLIB.DLL assembly on your computer, because when you installed bfexplorer, the .net libraries already must be installed on your computer.

    Bfexplorer app is developed in C# and F# programming languages, the script you want to run is written in F# as well.

    All you need to do is installed F# language extension to Visual Studio, or any other IDE you use, please read/watch following:

    Betfair Bot Programming for Non-Developers

  • Stefan
    26.3.2019 15:25:12

    mscorlib.dll is part of .net installation package, and is installed on every Windows OS, .net is here from 2002, so my question is what you do and on what OS?

  • Stefan
    26.2.2019 18:17:03

    More about TLS 1.2 for software developers:


  • Stefan
    26.2.2019 18:12:16

    I do not know on what version of .net is built Geektoy, but for instance cymatic is built on .net 4.5, and also does not support windows xp and 7.

    By general TLS 1.2 is supported by .net 4.6 and above so all apps built on such .net version does not require any changes, but of course TLS 1.2 must be directly supported by OS, so it must be its default protocol for https.

    Other versions of .net require:

    ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls12

    Because bfexplorer app is always built against the latest version of .net, I did not have to rebuild my app to comply TLS 1.2 requirements, but on the other hand users must use latest updates for OS.

    Once again keep in mind what I said before: “I use bfexplorer app daily, so you can be sure there is no problem in bfexplorer app.”, so any problem you have got are in 99% cases on your side.

    Similar problems reported at the same day one user from Asia, he told me that app worked day before but not 19 February, I replied similarly like in your case.  Later after 1-2 days he reported that all works fine on another computer?!

    So now think a little bit, he used the same app, one was not working and the other was working but on another computer, of course he did not bother to report on what OS he runs bfexplorer that have problems to connect, again I replied by more details about TLS 1.2 as I was sure that it is his problem. He did not reply on what OS he runs bfexporer but again complain, actually just copy pasting original email.

    Finally he managed to execute TeamViewer   session, and what do you think what OS he was running, well yes Windows XP.

    Keep in mind that when using OS which is no more supported by Microsoft you did not get anymore any security patches, there is 100% chance your computer is full of viruses and all kinds of malware.

  • Stefan
    26.2.2019 16:15:05

    What is your OS version? Send me TeamViewer access (by support email) code so I can check it myself.

    I tested bfexplorer on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 and all works fine. I can confirm that bfexporer will not work on Windows 7 or XP, as bfexplorer app is compiled to .net 4.7 version without support for Windows 7 or XP.

    If you want to run app with TLS 1.2 on Windows 7 or XP them it is just not a question of installing the latest version of .net assemblies, just google: tls 1.2 on windows 7.

  • Stefan
    26.2.2019 9:25:54

    There was planned maintenance-Tuesday 26th February & Wednesday 27th February 07:00 - 07:15 GMT on betfair servers.

    From 19th February 2019 betfair servers accept only TLS 1.2 secure protocol.

    Whenever any problem occurs with connection to betfair servers, first what you should do is click on menu item: Help / Betfair Exchange Api Status, it opens the following web page:

    And so here you can check whether all betfair services work without problems.

    If you problem is with TLS 1.2, then simply update to the latest version of windows operating system.

    I use bfexplorer app daily, so you can be sure there is no problem in bfexplorer app.

  • Stefan
    4.2.2019 21:08:50

    First you need to setup your action bots, Place Bet bots, to place your bet on exact market selections, so 4 action bots, simply you need to declare what bets and on what market selections you want toplace your bets automatically.

    You need to create 4 Football bot settings, setting your Start or Stop Criteria, MarketName and BotName (your action bot).

    You can use Clone bot (click on popup menu item for Add a new bot), and change your MarketName and BotName for rest of Football Bots, if your Start or Stop Criteria are the same for all your football bots.

    And finally you can use “Execute Bots” bot to create your strategy bot executor, adding all 4 football bots to BotNames. This way you have got one bot you can execute with Bot Executor.

    Yes, as your strategy requires to place bets/execute action bots on three additional associated markets: Correct score, Over/Under 2.5 Goals, Over/Under 1.5 Goals the Bot Executor will open these markets for when Start Criteria are met, but all bfexplorer bots have the parameter: StopMarketMonitoring.

    When you set StopMarketMonitoring parameter to True (checked) then when bot finishes its execution, and no other bot is running on the market, the market monitoring is stopped for such market.

    Bot Executor does so automatically as well, even when you did not set the parameter StopMarketMonitoring, simply bot executor will check whether there is still some bot activate on the market, and when no bot is active/running, the Bot Executor stops market monitoring.

    You say that on Correct Score market you want to place two bets, then of course you need to create/setup 2 Place Bet bots, and create executor bot for them, so as mentioned: “Execute Bots” bot setting, and this bot add as action bot to football bot BotName parameter.

    Of course if you are familiar with bot programming, you can create bot trigger script to orchestrate your place bet bots, this way you will setup only your action bots, and the rest is simplified by bot trigger code, so this way you will need 5 bot settings.

    The strategy orchestration just by setting up bfexplorer bots requires 9 bot settings.

  • Stefan
    1.2.2019 15:37:47

    Read this post: NinjaTrader

    All posts above ninja tool:

  • Stefan
    8.1.2019 10:10:54

    Bfexplorer uses PayPal subscription system, and once activated by you it is PayPal making recurring payment in set interval and not Bfexplorer. Recurring payment is active till again you cancel it, so your bfexplorer subscription as well.

    Day of betfair api activation in some cases is not the same day when PayPal recurring payment was made, as betfair api activation really takes place only when your betfair subscription code expires, and of course you are still active subscriber, this is set to 30 days.

    For instance, as bfexplorer offers trial period, the first betfair api activation is done automatically when you install bfexplorer app, and login to betfair. Now still in trial period you buy your monthly subscription, activating PayPal recurring payment, as your betfair api access is still valid, it is not generated new subscription code, but it is done later when your befair subscription code expires.

    So in this case your subscription code can be activated later, and the day when your betfair subscription code expires is not the same as the day PayPal recurring payment was done.

    As said before those days could really differ in 30 days. For instance, PayPal recurring payment is done each 30 days, but as your betfair subscription code is really activated by your betfair login, those are requirements from betfair, then when you take some holiday from betfair trading for instance for X days and you did so coincidently at day when PayPal recurring payment was made, then difference between PayPal payment and your betfair api subscription expiration day will differ for these X days, after your will login to betfair with bfexplorer app again, so your new betfair subscription code will be generated again.

    Even users using bfexplorer by running automated trading systems, in fully autonomous mode (24/7) on betfair, must re-login with bfexplorer when betfair subscription code expires. Of course they can do so just by opening second bfexplorer app instance, as bfexplorer subscribers could execute as many of bfexplorer app per betfair user name as needed. For such users, common sense says that better alternative is one year subscription.

  • Stefan
    18.12.2018 16:29:37

    When testing this horse racing strategy on today’s races using Bfexplorer Bot Executor tool, the bot trigger the action bot on 4 markets up till now, all trades in profit. The rest of races where the action bot has not been triggered the favourite were bred in Ireland.

    Testing this horse racing strategy

  • Stefan
    5.11.2018 18:39:38

    This is a tutorial of building betfair bot, and testing trading strategy, therefore I leave many things unanswered, but of course for those who are interested they could draw their own opinion. Here is another video:


    Liability increases from number of bets placed after goal is scored, as in many cases the problem with fake score occurred there were placed two additional bets. This is actually good when testing a strategy as for those who are not able to judge all risks in running such strategies, these fake score bets showed what could go wrong.

    Fakes score can be fixed by double checking score results at set time interval, or by checking/getting scores from more reliable sources than betfair ones.


    When testing this strategy I did not set closing market bet position when required profit is reached. Actually “Close Market Bet Position” bot was executed but with unrealistic profit target, as I was more interested to learn what maximal liability can be reached just by requiring 2 Euro payout.

    No  0 – 0 correct score bet was placed, again when you think about this strategy you will get maximal profit on matches ended by 0 – 0, I do not have current statistics but depending on league there is around 5 – 8%  games ending with 0 – 0 draw.

    This strategy can be executed by closing 0 – 0 in profit when using reasonable profit, so strategy could end on correct score market, avoiding this way risk of big liability on match odds trading when a lot of goals is scored.


    When executing this strategy on match odds market only, you can set maximal liability of potential bet, or match time at what bot does not place such bet when first goal is scored, as odds after goal is scored depends not only on team who scored but of course on match time remaining to the match end. If you watched my videos you could see that a lot of such bets introducing big liability were placed at 85 and more minute of the match.


    None strategy is 100% profitable, you must learn to take loss as well, when I start testing any strategy I do not set Loss parameter, I do so when fine tuning promising strategy, and that can be judged very simply, just by counting number of total trades, and losing ones.

    So bot should be programmed, not just take required profit, but depending on match time, potential liability after next goal is scored, and of course when score is locked in our favor, close bet position in profit can be switched off.


    As said before most difficult part is to take loss, to judge that you need to execute a lot of trades.


    In my tests I did not selected matches on which I run this strategy, again it is clear that profitability depends on this selection process as well. I think anyone after reading this post and watching some of my videos should realize that big risk for this strategy are goals scored at the end of the match so after 90 minute. Some statistical methods of choosing “right” matches to trade on could help avoid risk of big bet liabilities.

  • Stefan
    5.11.2018 12:39:10

    Checking results:


  • Stefan
    5.11.2018 11:11:30

    Fake scores from betfair live score provider is really big problem. I asked betfair about that, here is their reply:

    As you can see from my video:

    In the Bundesliga match: FC Bayern Munich - SC Freiburg, there was no VAR decision:

    On the official Bayern web page there is live score provided by sportsdata, and no fake score was reported by sportsdata.

    I think there is “insider trading” on fake scores to be blamed. This is not first occurrence on fake score on Sunday matches.

  • Stefan
    29.10.2018 17:49:39

    Automated trading is any algorithm choosing your bet selection automatically. In this strategy a bet selection is driven by goal scored event in a football match, so it can be called automated trading strategy.

    Yes, you can run automated strategies using bfexplorer in 24/7 mode.

    This strategy is good example to introduce bots for bettors, or to those whose place bets manually as it is simple, but can be executed with different parameters, for instance no placing bet on correct score market, or starting placing bets only from set match time when goal is scored.

    The trigger bot code can be updated to not place bets but instead just notifies you about goal scoring, so bot would automatically display match and selection/team which scored goal, then you can make your bet decisions manually. Have a look at how that works in in-play horse racing strategy: Watch Favourite bot.

    As said before this strategy profitability or risk affinity depends on number of scored goals, and time when last goal is scored. Biggest profit is made on 0 – 0 match results, biggest loss for more goals (3 and more, when score goes from one team to other and/or draw) and not match bet after goal scored in last minute.

    Top leagues matches starts on Friday, but will leave running some matches with bigger liquidity through this week as well.

  • Stefan
    28.10.2018 20:01:01

    Maybe the VAR is used, but in such case the market should be suspended till VAR decides.

  • Stefan
    28.10.2018 17:32:43

    Today I made my own bot and found some time for testing.

    Again I noticed one false score on SPAL – Frosinone match, at 32 minute of the match it was reported 0 – 1, then later in next minute the score was fixed to the right one: 0 – 0. When checking another source of score data, in 34 minute of the match was awarded yellow card only. I do not know whether betfair has problem with their feed or just provider of football live data plays with us its own strategy, as again prices reacted to that false score, betfair suspended and reopened the market, and new prices formed.

    Here are some videos:

    Back Goal Strategy Test 1

    Back Goal Strategy Test 2

    Back Goal Strategy Test 3

    So I tested this strategy on 7 markets with total profit 24.72 Euro, but as I mentioned before to win just 25 Euro in total on some matches my liability reached 192 Euro to win 4 Euro.

    I will run blindly this strategy in following days on each match from top of European leagues to see what could be won or lost.

    It is a better idea to run this strategy on selected matches using either manual selection or automation by match statistics similar to this bot: Football Trigger Bots

  • Stefan
    27.10.2018 19:14:13

    Today I tested this strategy on eight matches so here are my thoughts.

    It seems to be a good strategy for automatic/bot football trading.

    As mentioned in my post I changed the bot trigger code to place payout bets when goal is scored by team adding correct score 0 – 0 bet liability and previous liability on match odds selection to goal bet.

    I did not change the bot trigger code, I left it as a simple coding task for anyone who would like to test this strategy as well.

    It is a good idea as well to set “Place Bet” bot parameter MaximumOddsDifference as not in all cases market odds stabilized after goal is scored, so without this parameter setting (I set it to 3) your bet could be matched on unfair odds/price.

    If you read the strategy specification, in each step it is repeated: … back with greening … what is from my point of view nonsense as if you would like to green up your position your bet stake amount would go quite high after couple unsuccessful back bets placed.

    I used “Close Market Bet Position” bot, so your bet position is closed on all selections you place your bets on. In my test I used 2 Euro for correct score 0 – 0, and 2 Euro payout for “Back Goal” bot, 3 Euro profit for “Close Market Bet Position” bot.

    When you think about this strategy then in case when no goal is scored your 0 – 0 back bet could be closed to required profit as well, unfortunately none of my tested matches went to 0 – 0, so I missed to test such scenario.

    What could go wrong with this trading strategy?

    Back bet liability of placed match bets when score goes from leading goal to draw and back (through many score changes) could reach dangerous amount. In my test maximal reached liability of placed bets was only 42 Euro.

    This trading strategy requires relevant score data, as a matter of fact, betfair score data are stable, but yesterday when testing the code wrong score appeared on one match played in Serbia, wrong score 0 – 1 appeared for couple minutes, even betfair odds reflected that goal had been scored, but after a while right score 0 – 0 appeared again, so “bot trigger” fired again back bet.

    Late goals at the end of the match, without chance to get matched placed bets, or reaching dangerous liability of placed bets. For such scenarios the strategy requires to close bet position at 85 minute. In my test I programmed the “bot trigger” code to close “bot trigger” execution, at 85 minute of match time, so no “Back Goal” bets are placed.

    “Close Market Bet Position” bot had not been setup to close bet position at loss. This feature requires to run more tests, it should be found optimum time at what the bot trigger stops its execution, so any bet position is closed at that time, at profit or loss. This trading feature should be executed not only by match time but also by match score. It is safer to close bet position when just one scored goal could change our bet position.

    In my test for 5 from 8 matches, had been closed bet position (greened up) in reached profit. In some matches, even when match score suggested, that we are in 90% profit position, for instance match  Sheff Utd – Wigan, the bot greened up our bet position at 80 minute when scored was 4 – 2 for Sheff Utd.

    The question is, what is better for entire profitability of this strategy, to leave running our bet position at some match point, or better to close bet position for profit or loss?

    Here is link to my video from today’s test:

    Testing Wave Strategy Bot Trigger