Horse Racing – Testing In-Play Strategy

In my previous post I created bot trigger script for in-play trading: Horse Racing - Trade Favourite In-Play

As mentioned before, bot triggers an action bot, so it is possible to execute this strategy just by betting on dedicated selection, or trading the selection. Trading session can be executed by back/lay or lay/back bets.

If you spend some time with testing this bot you will find that most suitable trading session is first to lay and then back for required profit, or accept set loss.

On my video you can see that before the race started there were two favourites changes the favourite position at 2.92, 2.86, 3.0 odds, horses: Cold Shoulder, Never A Word.

At in-play a new favourite occurred: Wenceslaus at odds: 3.45

The bot triggered action bot on Wenceslaus at 2.38 odds, starting to place lay bet and then back at required profit target, the trading session was closed in 13 seconds (18:04:33 – 18:04:45).

Later we can see that new favourites occurred again, and finally the race favourite Cold Shoulder won beating Never A Word at 2.08  and starting to final run at 1.27.

It is clear that different race types generates different behaviour for such type of bot, in some races you could find just one favourite winning from start to the end, and in others like this one more front runners changing the favourite position.

In my video I used a helper bot to automatically display the favourite horse in the bet event view, we can see that bot as well counts the number of favourite’s position changes, so for instance the winning horse Cold Shoulder changed the favourite position for 6 times.