Football Trigger Bots

In my video I presented two types of football bots offering team’s statistics to trigger action bots.

The first bot is able to evaluate tipster’s selection (when UseVotes is checked – set to True) and execute your action bot on selected selection (The parameter ExecuteOnSelection: Home, Away, Draw or Favourite) only when tipster’s selection is equal to your one.

When UseVotes is unchecked the bot evaluates favourite selection against your selection, set by ExecuteOnSelection parameter.

Additionally you can set team’s statistics criteria for home and away team (parameters: FirstCriteria and SecondCriteria).

So for instance, you can set your bot to trade on home selection, only when tipsters vote for home team, and home team scores first in more than 50%. In my video you can see that the action bot was executed on home team in the match Man Utd v Newcastle, the match statistics following:

Man Utd v Newcastle - Match Odds:

1 - 68.03 | X - 16.90 | 2 - 15.07

Home: 68 ~ 71

Head to Head

Home, Without clean sheet: 3


Home, No wins: 4

Away, No wins: 12

Home, First to score: 71.4%

Away, First to concede: 83.3%

Home, First half winner: 71.4%

The second type of this bot does not offer ExecuteOnSelection, so your action bot should define on which selection you want to execute your bot. On the other hand the rest of parameters are available so you can trigger your action bot when set criteria are met.

In my video I used this bot to back Over 2.5 Goals when statistics for both teams scoring is equal or greater to 80% and more than two goals scored percentage for home or away team is equal or greater to 80%.

Match statistics offers following values:





No wins

No losses


Without clean sheet

No goals conceded


First half winner

First half loser


First to score

First to concede


Less than 2.5 goals

More than 2.5 goals


Both teams scoring


The last type of bot, not presented in my short video allows triggering your action bot on exact tipster’s selection using the following criteria values:


User name

All time ranking

All time ROI

All time average correct price

Current ranking

Current ROI

Current average correct price


You can see tipster’s selections in this post video: My Tipsters Tool


If you are bfexplorer professional subscriber and want to test this bots, or build your own football strategy utilizing similar statistics data then post query through the support web page.