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  • Mir.
    26.4.2016 14:22:56

    Thumbs up!


    At the github it is nice to see how much work has been done.

  • Mir.
    13.4.2016 13:08:00

    Thanks, I have no further questions...

  • Mir.
    13.4.2016 11:31:58

    Stefan, thank you very much for explanation!


    And what about "Entry Criteria"?
    Is it possible that ongoing results of concurrent running bots can influence the activities of each other? (means through ProfitBalance, SelectionProfitBalance, HaveMatchedBets)

  • Mir.
    12.4.2016 14:14:31


  • Mir.
    12.4.2016 12:01:28

    I believe so...

  • Mir.
    12.4.2016 11:35:55

    Close Selection Bet Position is an action bot, you must set up bot before use in the Tennis Bot.

    You can set many different variations of the Tennis bot (a real combination of SetsScore, GamesScore, etc.) but use only one-two-three types of action bots.

    You can cover all of situations in tennis match by Tennis bot.

  • Mir.
    12.4.2016 11:23:41



  • Mir.
    12.4.2016 10:06:11

    Instead of Place Bet bot try Close Selection Bet Position..

  • Mir.
    11.4.2016 10:45:42


    If you need to place one open bet and one close bet you can use Place Bet and Close Bet Position bot.

    There are all you need in one trading cycle

  • Mir.
    11.4.2016 1:29:02

    There are many ways how to "STOP at PROFIT"...


    This is a bot that operates on the market. If you set the Profit "X" Euros, Loss = 0 and uncheck ProfitOrLossInPercentage bot will close a market after the profit reached.



    If you want you can Close Selection Bet Position only...

  • Mir.
    11.4.2016 0:42:32

    Try Close Market Bet Position bot...

  • Mir.
    10.4.2016 20:18:04

    Stu42, there is screenshot from Bot Executor Horse Racing.

    At first glance there are some inconsistent results. There are some problems...

    I am not programmer I only use some features of Bfe.
    I really dont know if my entry to the market is good or not. If is wrong (SelectionBalance is low) the next layer of bets can be placed on Selection.
    I used Place Bet or sometimes Place Bet and Close Selection Bet position bots.

    When I have some relevant data captured from trading, let me show you what I mean...
    Principles are the same: take advantage of motions of the Odds.

  • Mir.
    10.4.2016 16:49:12

    Now I try to set StopMarketMonitoring parameter (reopen to “Open Markets” service)...


    There is very strange screenshot:
    One market, the same strategy, Close Market Bet Position: Profit = 3 euro, Loss = 4 euro...
    Bot Executor vs. Bet Event Trader...


    This is one of the reasons why I want some tool preview to see what happened.
    For example save data for analysis!

    Not from ideal data, I need to have data from real behavior of bots.
    (odds movement, update period, matched price, etc. - all on what bots react)

    This screen is really strange, but happened


    BTW: The guys (the developers) made from storing data/graphs good business. See
  • Mir.
    10.4.2016 13:40:40

    Bot Executor - my focus is only for full automated trading and Bot Extecutor is really powerfull tool!

    Bot Executor

    (my today's screen from testing greyhound strategy, with custom conditional formatting of the Profit Balance column)


    In full automation is a Bot Executor great, but as Stu said, there is big problem with any controlling running strategies, bots behave etc. in TESTING MODE. For example: If I open the market from Bot Executor in a Bet Event Trader (to see how a strategy works) market disappeared from its list...

    I want to run all "trading strategies" from Bot Executor.

    The same "trading strategy" generates different results (I failed to do it the same; compared: Bot Executor vs. Bet Event Trader vs. the second Bfe vs. the third Bfe at the same time...)

    Yes I understand it!! (update period etc.)
    and that's why I'd like to see if there were some "viewer" from markets in Bot Executor.

  • Mir.
    8.4.2016 17:21:46

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I think that taking steps for all points of your answer...

  • Mir.
    6.4.2016 17:57:32

    Hi Stu,
    yes, results from Practice Mode are awesome, for me.
    But I want to find easy way to grow up final profit.


    From today's trading.
    All results in the yellow area are ended by Trailing stop loss. It is mean that max profit was any time about 3 euro bigger...


    What is better?

    Set Close position bot - flat 4 euro profit OR Trailing stop loss OR Nothing ?

    I have some ideas how to work with it. I will write about it later

  • Mir.
    5.4.2016 14:36:29

    All works fine, thank you!



    Screen is from trading and shows behavior of this bot  (parameter Loss = 3).

    It is obvious that I have to change my approach to data mining.
    It means to know exactly Max potential Profit, Volatility of Profit etc.


    I am pleased that I am in profit, but I also try to gently close in a great position to profit...

  • Mir.
    4.4.2016 22:58:59

    Are you kidding me?

    Yes, it is only from Practice Mode, but completelly unattended!
    (parameter Loss = 2 Euro)


    Bot Executor



  • Mir.
    4.4.2016 17:59:49

    Thank you. I am testing...

    Trailing Stop Loss on Market


    Looks fine!