Mechanism how to take Max Profit

There are result from trading (in Practice Mode)


All results in the yellow area are ended by Trailing stop loss. With parameter Loss = 3
It is mean that Max Profit was any time about 3 euro bigger... below is screenshot how the trailing works.


What is better to take Max Profit?
Flat profit OR Trailing stop loss OR Nothing?


Any hints?


Now I try to trade out profit position with Close Selection Bet Position. In combination with others Close Position bot.



Comments ( 2 )

  • Stefan
    8.4.2016 16:49:08

    I think in any betfair strategy first you need to fully understand what a profitable factor in your strategy is, and how to avoid big loses.

    Keep in mind that trading in practice mode can show totally different results than trading for real money, as any entered position will have some influence on trading market.

    I think you test your strategies sitting to your computer and running them in Bet Event Trader, so you can actually see how your bots open bet positions and what is the current profit on the market (min/max profit level).

    For me, in first stages of bot strategy testing is actually not important the maximal amount of profit, but always only if a strategy can generate any profit, even 0.1 Euro profit is good.

  • Mir.
    8.4.2016 17:21:46

    Thank you for your feedback.
    I think that taking steps for all points of your answer...