Tennis - close selection bet if score... - an additional condition


In the "Tennis BOT", we can set the condition, when should buy a bet.

For the program you need to add an additional condition: "close selection bet if score...".
I will explain this with an example:

1. Tennis In-Play

2. BOT buys bet if a tennis match is the result:
      – SetsScore:  1-0
      – GamesScore:  1-2

Condition:  IF  SetsScore=1-0  AND  GamesScore=3-4  THEN  close selection bet

Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • Mir.
    12.4.2016 10:06:11

    Instead of Place Bet bot try Close Selection Bet Position..

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 10:53:21

     Whether you could put a sample screenshot?

    I remind you that we want "close..." because of the results (during the match).

  • Mir.
    12.4.2016 11:23:41



  • Mir.
    12.4.2016 11:35:55

    Close Selection Bet Position is an action bot, you must set up bot before use in the Tennis Bot.

    You can set many different variations of the Tennis bot (a real combination of SetsScore, GamesScore, etc.) but use only one-two-three types of action bots.

    You can cover all of situations in tennis match by Tennis bot.

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 11:46:56

    I'm not sure we well understood.

    BOT bought a bet when the result was 1-0 (SetsScore) and 1-2 (GamesScore).

    You have to close the selection, if will be the result 1-0 (SetsScore) and 3-4 (GamesScore).

  • Mir.
    12.4.2016 12:01:28

    I believe so...

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 12:22:13

     Could you put a sample file ".BOTS", which accomplishes these objectives?

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 12:46:21

    Thank you for placing a sample file - I have to test these settings.

  • skarabeusz
    11.5.2016 0:55:11

    Hello MIR,

    I tested your tennis BOT - everything is OK.

    But I can not deal with the following problem - I do not know how to set the "Close Selection Get Position".


    I buy a bet LAY - ODDS 4.0 (2 euros).

    Condition: IF ODDS (BACK) is equal to or less than 1.70, then buy a bet.

    What the program does: when ODDS = 1.70, the program buys the same amount of 2 euros.

    To evenly distribute the losses, the program should buy BACK a bet for the amount of 4.71 euros.

    How to properly set the parameters to evenly distribute the losses (you place the screenshot)?