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  • Stefan
    21.9.2015 22:21:12

    I have got some problems to build the latest release after Microsoft pushed some updates to VS and now I am not able to build my solution.

    I see you have got bigger experiences than me in every aspect. Meantime the latest version will be released, may I ask you to choose one of the points you mentioned and explain us what you actually mean?

    I think it will be interested to learn from such an expert as you. For instance I had no idea what you mean by tick offset, I must search on Cymatic forum what does it actually mean, but am not sure if I understand it.

  • Stefan
    21.9.2015 20:26:45

    Yes Ilya, I believe you, after yesterday’s lecture about vital features which every trader use, I simply learn everyday something new, thank you once again.


    Never mind that Open File dialog actually exists in every app which opens some files, as the Open File dialog is actually part of base user interface of Windows operating system, so in every app it looks exactly the same way.


    As I said I learn everyday something new.

  • Stefan
    21.9.2015 19:46:01

    Ilya, we already know that you are able to search for files in your computer. The question is, are you familiar with Open File dialog? I believe as a lover of Advanced Cymatic Trader or Betting Assistant you know how to work with Excel, and Excel offers Open File dialog as well, am I right?

    Bfexplorer is maybe not so good as above mentioned betfair apps but in user interface design bfexplorer supports common UI design partners, like Open File dialog.

    I already mentioned that Execute trigger bot offers two options for entering trigger file, a bot source code, with the file extension .fs, or .fsx, and bot trigger assembly file with the file extension .dll. By default you are offered to open Script files, but you can click on the combo box (above Open button) and there you can find the second option: Bot trigger assemblies, please use this option.

    I will help you and others and in the latest version I am about to release I will set by default the Bot trigger assemblies option, as frankly to say I maybe the only one who will use the other option: Script files.

  • Stefan
    21.9.2015 18:40:31

    So the problem with using bot trigger assembly (.dll file), was that anything you download from internet to your computer is blocked. You must first unblock such file by using file properties dialog.


  • Stefan
    21.9.2015 15:23:41

    Miro does not waste your time on reinstalling Windows. Eduardo has clean install of Windows 10, so I will try to test it on his computer.

    Actually no one of you will manage to work with bot trigger source code, so the other alternative with bot trigger assembly is my priority for now, I just need to test it, it works fine on my computer.

  • Stefan
    21.9.2015 11:19:35

    There are two options how to execute bot trigger. You tested bot trigger execution from source code, and once again you confirmed that compilation ends with error because on your system there are missing assemblies or are just located in different folder. I can live with that because installing Visual Studio solves these problems, what Miro already tested.

    These issues seems to be out of Miro’s interest because he did not comment this issue, actually he can shed more light on it because maybe he tested bot trigger execution before installing Visual Studio.

    The second option is to execute bot trigger from complied assembly, you actually have both files when you downloaded zip file.

  • Stefan
    20.9.2015 20:40:56

    I think you already learned what bfexplorer bots are about, the wrapped based functionality which can be easy setup (if people had been reading frecking bot descriptions nobody is actually reading, what you can see here on forum as well) and reused like in lego blocks.

    Any bfexplorer bot implements some basic functionally, and all bots were made to be used in certain bot betting/trading scenarios.

    Well, of course I can see some usability in new bot functionality building block/s, like what you need, cancel bets and execute some other bot, but I do not think that actual general usage would be so simple, therefore for now I would prefer what I suggested, to use Execute Trigger Bot with custom built bot trigger for your trading scenario.

    Please, test if on your computer you are able to run bot triggers, read this article:

    Bfexplorer has just couple users, and those willing to test something are even less, 2 or 3 users. Miro is disqualified as a tester because he installed Visual Studio, so he is able to run bot triggers, from source code and from built assembly as I can do. Two other users run Windows 7, and for now I did not identify a problem, it seems to be just some problem of missing assemblies, or referenced assemblies wich are in Windows 7 located on different folders.

    I will be online tomorrow, so if you are willing to help me solve this Bot Trigger compilation problem then send me teamviewer access code, or other remote desktop access to your computer, if you have got similar problems to run bot trigger.

    I will program custom bot trigger for you later tomorrow.

    Your trading scenario could have some potential on some racing where two or three favorites fight to win. You assume that the first leader will be beaten; therefore you need to cancel all other unmatched bets. You really should test in practice mode on some race types only, I cannot believe you will execute profitable trade on each race, but as an example for a bot trigger this strategy of yours is good one.

  • Stefan
    20.9.2015 19:17:32

    Ilay, any bfexplorer bot implements some base functionality. Tick offset bot emulates base trading operation with NET stake any beginner trader does. No further parameters are needed as in such cases trader does not hedge his bet position but placing bets with the same stake amount.

    This bot helps to automate placing NET stake offset bet immediately after any part of opening bet is matched.

    As Miro suggested, if you want to place hedge bets then use Place bet and close selection bet position, or just Close selection bet position alternatives.

    Even in the above mentioned bots you still have possibility to choose between hedging bet position or closing it by NET stake.

  • Stefan
    20.9.2015 19:04:47

    Rui just read bot parameters descriptions, if read them you would not set bot parameters you set in your picture, as actually with such bot parameter setting your bet would be placed only when gap between offered the beats back and lay odds is equal to 7.

  • Stefan
    20.9.2015 18:59:19

    Miro’s suggestion is wrong.

    If you want to place a bet on all selections then you must create Place bet bot setting with set Odds parameter to 1.1 and the parameter PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange to False (uncheck parameter), the parameter ExecuteOnSelection must be set to 0, only in such case you will get a general bot settings which can be executed on any selection.

    It is clear that you need to set BetType to Lay, and Stake.

    Now, you can use this general bot setting, you named it for instance Place lay bet 100 @ 1.1 with the bot Execute on Selections.

    People please, read descriptions for bot parameters. What does the “Execute on Selections” bot parameter OnSelections say?

    Selections on which you want to execute your bot (for instance: 1,2,4). If you do not type any selections the action bot will be execute on all selections.

    So if you want to execute your action bot (Place lay bet 100 @ 1.1) on all selections, then just leave this parameter empty, once again read:

    If you do not type any selections the action bot will be executed on all selections.

    Place bet and close selection bet position, is the bot placing offset bet as you name it Ilya. In bfexplorer terminology we call such operation Close selection bet position, or hedge bet position.
    What you want to achieve can be done by custom bot trigger only, you actually develop a trading strategy.

    For now you can use Place bet and close selection bet position, and execute such bot as suggested on all selections, so once your lay bet is fully matched the bot places back bet at set Profit parameter. I think you already figured out that placing “offset bet” immmediatly after opening bet is matched you need to set the parameter: ClosePositionImmediately.

    When using other betfair apps you need to do such development mainly by creating Excel triggers, and when necessary by programming some VBA code in excel, here in bfexplorer you can do so by bot trigger programming.

    All bfexplorer bots offer some base functionality, if you already tested Place bet bot with your settings you might notice that executed bot remains active till its action is not finished. This feature allows combine some base bots in a simple solution.

    In your trading solution you need:

    Place bets

    Monitor bet status to execute bets cancelling and closing bet position on selection with matched bet.

    Close bet position bot is available, but not bot for canceling other bets. I will think about it, if making some other simpler bots will benefit others.

  • Stefan
    19.9.2015 16:06:11

    It is not possible to implement a general bot which would implement such features for “killing” running bots. There is always necessary to specify exact “killing logic”.

    The only way how to do it is to program own bot trigger, this bot trigger feature is here exactly for such kind of features, to orchestrate bot execution.

  • Stefan
    19.9.2015 15:59:31

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers Stop Market Monitoring bot supporting parameters: StopOnTime and StopRunningBots.

  • Stefan
    19.9.2015 12:15:45

    The bot: Close Selection Bet Position At Odds with the parameter Odds set to 0.0 closing bet position immediately.

  • Stefan
    19.9.2015 12:09:14

    You will have to use Windows VPS.

  • Stefan
    18.9.2015 16:37:47

    It does not matter what price values you set it is up to. I think you still do not understand something. As said: Close Selection Bet Position At Odds with Odds set to 0.0 closes bet position, if valid, immediately at current offered odds. In your solution the bot: If Then Else only executes the hedge bot when set LastPriceTraded fulfils set criteria.

    So in your solution, the key is how the Close Selection Bet Position At Odds with Odds works. Do you understand it?

  • Stefan
    18.9.2015 14:52:51

    You should use the bot: Close Selection Bet Position At Odds, and your trading bot setup by Chain Execution bot, such solution makes sense because you want to start your bot to close your bet position only when bet placed at 1.99 is fully matched.

    If you set the parameter Odds to 0, the bot Close Selection Bet Position At Odds, closes your bet position at current offered price/odds.

    In my video I showed another useful feature. If you set your bot category to: My Ladder Bot, then such bot is added to the ladder context menu. You can prepare a lot of such bots for general use, for instance hedge bot setting or close bet position by NET stake, and so on.

  • Stefan
    18.9.2015 12:56:04

    Please, rephrase your question so I know what you exactly want to do.

    Terms: open bet position, close bet position, selection bet position or selection profit balance, back or lay best offered price (price is odds in this context.) The above terms say something about a selection.
    Market bet position means a bet was placed on one or more selections and a bet is matched.

    If you placed bets on a market but none of bets is matched, then we cannot say about market bet position. When a market bet position is open, a market profit balance says about a current profit or loss you can close your market bet position on.

    The same can be said about selection.

    To close a selection bet position means to place opposite bet to the opening one and depending on a stake amount we can say that we hedge our bet position receiving equal profit or loss. If a bet position is closed by NET stake amount (so by the same stake amount as the opening bet stake amount), then depending on a profit balance you closed your bet position on, you have got zero, or profit/loss depending what is the event outcome.

    When knowing what you actually want to achieve I will prepare video tutorial.

  • Stefan
    18.9.2015 11:05:46

    What do you mean by “market value”?

  • Stefan
    17.9.2015 10:56:24

    I will fix it in the next release.

    On the other hand as any grid, My Bots views offers grouping or sorting, and searching as well. Just click right mouse button on grid header, and show search or group panel, show column chooser, so you can add hidden Category column and grouped bots by this column, of course if you entered some values for category input box when setting up your bots.

    So the Category entry has not the only usage like My Ladder Bot entry for category name.

  • Stefan
    17.9.2015 10:44:50

    I said:

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers bot trigger assembly execution. This update should solve bot trigger compilation problems.

    The only bot trigger I released assembly is BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.