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  • Stefan
    19.9.2015 12:15:45

    The bot: Close Selection Bet Position At Odds with the parameter Odds set to 0.0 closing bet position immediately.

  • Stefan
    19.9.2015 12:09:14

    You will have to use Windows VPS.

  • Stefan
    18.9.2015 16:37:47

    It does not matter what price values you set it is up to. I think you still do not understand something. As said: Close Selection Bet Position At Odds with Odds set to 0.0 closes bet position, if valid, immediately at current offered odds. In your solution the bot: If Then Else only executes the hedge bot when set LastPriceTraded fulfils set criteria.

    So in your solution, the key is how the Close Selection Bet Position At Odds with Odds works. Do you understand it?

  • Stefan
    18.9.2015 14:52:51

    You should use the bot: Close Selection Bet Position At Odds, and your trading bot setup by Chain Execution bot, such solution makes sense because you want to start your bot to close your bet position only when bet placed at 1.99 is fully matched.

    If you set the parameter Odds to 0, the bot Close Selection Bet Position At Odds, closes your bet position at current offered price/odds.

    In my video I showed another useful feature. If you set your bot category to: My Ladder Bot, then such bot is added to the ladder context menu. You can prepare a lot of such bots for general use, for instance hedge bot setting or close bet position by NET stake, and so on.

  • Stefan
    18.9.2015 12:56:04

    Please, rephrase your question so I know what you exactly want to do.

    Terms: open bet position, close bet position, selection bet position or selection profit balance, back or lay best offered price (price is odds in this context.) The above terms say something about a selection.
    Market bet position means a bet was placed on one or more selections and a bet is matched.

    If you placed bets on a market but none of bets is matched, then we cannot say about market bet position. When a market bet position is open, a market profit balance says about a current profit or loss you can close your market bet position on.

    The same can be said about selection.

    To close a selection bet position means to place opposite bet to the opening one and depending on a stake amount we can say that we hedge our bet position receiving equal profit or loss. If a bet position is closed by NET stake amount (so by the same stake amount as the opening bet stake amount), then depending on a profit balance you closed your bet position on, you have got zero, or profit/loss depending what is the event outcome.

    When knowing what you actually want to achieve I will prepare video tutorial.

  • Stefan
    18.9.2015 11:05:46

    What do you mean by “market value”?

  • Stefan
    17.9.2015 10:56:24

    I will fix it in the next release.

    On the other hand as any grid, My Bots views offers grouping or sorting, and searching as well. Just click right mouse button on grid header, and show search or group panel, show column chooser, so you can add hidden Category column and grouped bots by this column, of course if you entered some values for category input box when setting up your bots.

    So the Category entry has not the only usage like My Ladder Bot entry for category name.

  • Stefan
    17.9.2015 10:44:50

    I said:

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers bot trigger assembly execution. This update should solve bot trigger compilation problems.

    The only bot trigger I released assembly is BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.

  • Stefan
    17.9.2015 10:42:48

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers two options for Execute Trigger Bot to enter bot trigger, either by bot trigger sorce code or by bot trigger assembly.


    The assembly file is already complied bot trigger. Select the second option and enter .dll bot trigger assembly.

    When you have got free time, send me teamviewer access.

  • Stefan
    16.9.2015 17:38:33

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers bot trigger assembly execution. This update should solve bot trigger compilation problems. The only bot trigger I released assembly is BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.

  • Stefan
    16.9.2015 17:34:42

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers "If Then Else" bot.

  • Stefan
    14.9.2015 21:39:11

    Yes, the old bfexplorer offered IfThenElse bot, I will add this bot to the new one tomorrow.

  • Stefan
    13.9.2015 21:21:53

    Repeat Until bot is better solution, it was actually developed to execute such bot strategy. Read again: Repeat Until, the until parameter is either reached profit or total stake placed, or number of iterations, that is what you need.

    I have just realesed the latest version of bfexplorer adding save bots or open bots to My Bots view, so you will be able to share your bot settings.

  • Stefan
    13.9.2015 12:42:27

    Rui, I need exact scenario of the bot usage. If entry points are important then name them, as well as conditions you require for repeated execution of your trading bot.

    I summarized your scenario in my first reply and asked you to reply on my questions, asking if I understood your requirements correctly or not. You did not reply on my questions.

    Bfexplorer offers quite a lot of bots, so your trading solution can be implemented by many ways.
    If you set allowed range of prices for your trading bot, then one of the solutions is to use Repeat Until, the other one could use: Chain Execution. More complicated solution is to use custom built bot trigger.

    The latest version of bfexplorer offer editors for BotName and BotNames parameters, so if anyone thought before that setting up a bot is difficult, because you need to copy and paste bot names, or just type them correctly, then now you can setup any bot with ease.

  • Stefan
    13.9.2015 12:26:46

    Eduardo, I am software developer and I solve problems by analyzing them and if the cause of problem is found, then I fix it by changing the application code.

    To analyze problems you must name them first, or to model all possible scenarios of the application usage, because in some cases a problem is not the application code but data entries or misuse of base application features.

    Well, of course if an application/program has a good design then it should process any data entries correctly.

    In this case, bfexplorer nor crashed or behaved unexpectedly. It correctly processed entered data, in this case bot trigger, and it reported problem: Failed to create the bot trigger...

    I tried to analyze problems by naming them, and as always you feel offended. Eduardo, Miro, and others, I am not your enemy. I just try not to waste anyone time, and to solve problems I need more information.

    You can see that Miro was able to execute this bot trigger without problems, like I did it myself, and I test any code or bot I release for public use.

    Slovak user I asked to test this bot script just reported that it does not work, sending me similar screenshot like you posted here on the forum.


    Well, that could only mean that he may replicated wrong data entries, but that is still not enough information for me to fix this issue. I have to see it myself, to analyze and understand the problem. Therefore I asked for teamviewer session, or for video showing what you do when setting up this bot trigger.

  • Stefan
    12.9.2015 20:25:41

    Well, hardly to say because his specification is very vague.

    I took my explanation because such kind of bot execution reentry can be implemented only by Bot Trigger, so it would be nice example for bot developers.

  • Stefan
    12.9.2015 19:56:24

    Please, I would like to ask you a favor. If you write your article text or comment in Word, or Microsoft Office Word, just to check misspellings, then do not copy text directly, but paste it first to Notepad, and then copy text from Notepad to avoid importing style formatting from Word. I will fix this web editor problem when having more spare time.


    Back to your trading bot, it would be fine if you use official names for bfexplorer bots, then I will be more certain what you actually want to implement.

    I assume you use, Place bet and close bet position bot, in your trading, right?

    You set the bot to open bet position by backing and when required profit is reached the bot close the bet position by hedging. You run your bot, at 1.8 price/odds on a selection, and what you want is to check if the same selection is traded at set price, for instance 1.9, and if that is true, you want again start your trading bot execution, on the same selection.

    If my summary for your bot trigger is right, then what bot trigger will take two parameters: StartOdds, and RestartOdds.

    Execute Trigger Bot will take BotName as the action bot that will be executed (your trading bot).

  • Stefan
    12.9.2015 18:47:31

    Eduardo, I asked one Slovak user to test this bot and he reports similar problems. It is busy trading weekend but whoever sends me Teamviewer access to his computer will help to solve this issue. On my computer all works fine so I need more information.

  • Stefan
    12.9.2015 10:37:44

    Edurardo, it does not make sense to run bots separately because the main point of this bot strategy is that bot trigger checks the profit on 0 – 0 and depending on this value calculates the amount it lays on draw.

    If you say you will run bots separately then you actually did not understand about what is the bot using, it is about automating operations you would otherwise do manually.

    I checked the bot on my release version of bfexplorer and all works on my side. Actually you already sent me before emails showing different screenshots where bot had been executed without any error message, it means that compilation service works fine, and this can be confirmed by fact that you already executed successfully Bfexplorer Console scripts. Bfexplorer Console tool uses the same script processing as the Execute Bot Trigger bot.

    Your previous faults of using this bot trigger (BackCorrectScore00LayDrawTrigger.fs) were because you did not create action bots: Back Correct Score 0 – 0, and Lay Draw. Your bot trigger had been successfully executed, what I could see on your email screenshots, but did not do anything, because had no actions bots to execute.

    Now, I would say you tried to change something in the bot trigger source code, and you simply introduced some error to the code, this could be investigated as well, because when bot trigger is compiled and some error occurs the error message is displayed in Output view.

    I would say you have got very specific talent of yours…

  • Stefan
    11.9.2015 10:23:00

    Common sense

    Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by ("common to") nearly all people, and can be reasonably expected of nearly all people without any need for debate.