Trading Indicators

The latest version of bfexplorer offers 8 different trade status values one can use to visualize trading data on ladder odds column. In my video I showed how this visualization had been used to show trading volatility on all selections.

The bot records high and low traded price (odds) in set time interval and shows it in the odds column of the ladder in 3 high/low ranges, darker colors presents the range in the last recorded period.

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  • Edumadrid
    31.8.2015 23:00:29

    Hi Stefan:


    Congratulations for your new indicators. I think they're very useful. I guess you can not add this option to basic BFE.

    It might be interesting, as I mentioned, provide a semi-professional BFE, including some bots for 10-12GBP. So we not pay for other software that complements yours.

    I think paying, Community Euro, 30 + 10 + Vat, €45-50 / month for BFE when only going to use a bot to stop loss and other for indicators and other for to be first in queue. BFE professional is impressive, is the best, but is only accessible to 5-10% of users due to their complexity.


  • Stefan
    2.9.2015 10:14:25

    On Site Map you can find Donate web page, donate at least 10 GBP and I will give you Professional subscription plan for 1 month at time you will want to use it.

    I do not think bfexplorer is complicated, you must know what you want to do, just have a look at on this video, where I show how I run my testing bot: Show Selections Trading Indicators. There is just one parameter IntervalUpdating, I set for 30 seconds, and that is all.

    The main problem is really what I said before. You must know how you want to use bfexplorer feature/s for your trading, and frankly to say I do not think you have an idea how you would use them.

    Just go to your last article Button: "Hedge the entire market". I still have no idea what you wanted to say with this article, and I asked you three times just to confirm one think: Is bfexplorer showing correct profit balance or not? This question implies answer that geektoy app does not show correct profit balance, as you compared bfexplorer to this one.

  • Edumadrid
    3.9.2015 1:55:01


    Stefan say:

    "Miro, I already mentioned words about using common sense when replying on your other forum post, and we can actually see it now on your video."

    "I would really suggest you to not doing something what it beyond your possibilities"

    Miro say:

    "Frankly, I do not mind. I make an idiot of yourself you explain function and logic of bots to others...

    Someone else?"

    Stefan say:

    "Eduardo, I do not think bfexplorer is complicated, you must know what you want to do"

    "Eduardo, The main problem is really what I said before. You must know how you want to use bfexplorer feature/s for your trading, and frankly to say I do not think you have an idea how you would use them."

    I know what I want to do, but my strategies are complicated and I do not think this can be done with BFexplorer, because it would have access to live statistics.


    Thank you for your sincerity and your encouragement!!!!

    I think that is not good strategy to disparage anyone.

  • Stefan
    3.9.2015 10:08:27

    Eduardo, you use my replies to issues you do not care to investigate if they were right or wrong. If you did read articles and watch videos I replied to, you would learn that I was/am right, and all what user/Miro needed was to use a common sense to solve his issues, the issues which were not actually problems with bfexplorer features, but his wrong approach of using bfexplorer.

    Miro did not download the latest version of bfexplorer and/or custom script I built for him, I had to change bfexplorer interface to make available some new features, his custom built script could use, and without latest version of both the script and bfexplorer his bot scripts simply did not work as required.


    If you would read article comments you would had found Miro’s reply where he finally understood that he was wrong, but of course he did not apologize for what he said, but he said:

    “Is it possible create public folder with free scripts? You change some code in Bfe, old scripts dont work, and look for them in the forum is not easy...”

    Every time I updated his scripts I said to him, download scripts and install latest version of bfexplorer, I communicated with him through emails as well. He is Czech and was easier for him to communicate in his mother’s language, so we discussed bot script development not only in this forum.

    Well, yes as an excuse he created a list of custom bot scripts I built for him, I understood it and did not reply to this issue anymore.

  • Mir.
    6.9.2015 17:48:55

    Where is a Show Selections Trading Indicators bot?

    I have the latest version of Bfexplorer...


  • Stefan
    7.9.2015 14:24:30

    On Bfexplorer Community you can read forum or blog posts. I use my own blog to post about new features, explaining how to use bfexplorer, or just to write about my own ideas or opinions. In this blog post I just informed about the new feature bot developers could use to visualize market selection data on ladders, I did not mention that I released the bot. I made some videos and wrote blog articles showing other bfexplorer features, but I did not release all those bot solutions publicly neither.

    I can release some of those bots in Bot Community edition in near future, if there is some interest. I really do not want to overfill My Bots with the bots nobody will use.

  • Mir.
    7.9.2015 20:35:44


    I asked because I saw new rules and conditions...


  • Edumadrid
    9.9.2015 12:36:52

    Hi Stefan:

    I also thought that the bot: "Show Selections Trading Indicators" would you add with the other bots.