Profit/Loss Switch

Hi, some guys brought me to the idea with easy "switching", easy chaining bots with switch by profit or loss of the current running (ending) bot...

No complexity.


Situation example:

1) Horse racing

2) Run "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot on Selection

3a) If the bot make Profit run Bot ...

3b) If the bot make Loss run Bot ...



Only IDEA.

Please leave comments if it usefull for you...


For me pretty nice. If I set some dozens "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot I can set quite precise course of trading without surprises...

Comments ( 8 )

  • Stefan
    14.9.2015 21:39:11

    Yes, the old bfexplorer offered IfThenElse bot, I will add this bot to the new one tomorrow.

  • Mir.
    14.9.2015 21:52:47

    I would implement only to the "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot. There are Profit and Loss as a sure result of trade...

    And would be more easy than IfThenElse bot
    Or not?

  • Edumadrid
    15.9.2015 2:03:26

    Hi Mir. I think it's a good idea. Although I think we should give a respite to Stefan.
    Sometimes we are a little "afixiantes"

  • ruipedrosilvasousa
    15.9.2015 18:34:10

    Good ideia Mir!

  • Mir.
    15.9.2015 18:59:05

    hi, no need to implement today.
    I am thinking about it. How to do it more simple IfThenElse bot

  • Stefan
    16.9.2015 17:34:42

    The latest version of bfexplorer offers "If Then Else" bot.

  • Mir.
    19.9.2015 13:30:33



  • Mir.
    20.12.2015 13:47:24

    Despite this existing solution, I would like to return to the original intent.

    Switch the bots only by win/loss criteria.


    I make simple bot (used Execute Trigger bot with MiroBotTrigger - I can set many others parameters in one bot) and therefore it is difficult to set criteria - such as the Selection Profit Balance.

    Streak L-L-W is can be still negative by ProfitBalance, but for staking plan situation can be different

    I want to make one universal bot (triggers - with different CSV files) cover all selections.


    I want to use only "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" because there is finished trading cycle (open bet -> close bet).

    Selection variable:
    I think that we need selection variable with result of the finished trading cycle. This result will be new criteria for switching a bots by the bot "If then Else"