Filter and Open My Markets

Betfair offers a lot of markets and if you want to open only those markets which fulfil your specific criteria you must open them manually, check your market/selection criteria and close markets not fulfilling these criteria.

If you run a bot strategy using Bot Executor, then your custom bot script can do that all for you automatically, filter markets and open required ones, and then execute your action bots on market selections.

Bfexplorer Console tool offers access to all bfexplorer data and in the latest version I added support for market opening as well, so it is possible to write custom scripts to open your markets. Writing/Developing scripts requires some knowledge about bot programming, if you are not able to do it yourself then specify your criteria and I will create a script for you.

Script browses events in Event Browser view as a source of events/markets you want to process.

OpenMyMarkets.fsx script opens Football Mach Odds markets with total matched volume is greater or equal (>=) 5000 and favourite price is less or equal (<=) 1.5. The favourite is home or away team, not a selection with lowest price/odds. (Download the script.)

OpenMyFootballMarkets.fsx script opens Football Match Odds, Correct Score and Over/Under 2.5 if Match Odds total matched  volume is >= 5000 and Draw is <= 4.0 and Correct Score 0 – 0 is >= 15 and Over 2.5 Goals is <= 1.8. (Download the script.)

Comments ( 3 )

  • Edumadrid
    9.9.2015 12:42:58


    I guess that "Filter and Open My Markets" is not available to users of BFE, like "Show Selections Trading Indicators"

    I want to be wrong.

  • Stefan
    9.9.2015 13:54:13

    I am still working on some new internal features of bfexplorer backend and I did not yet released the latest version of bfexplorer with features for Bfexplorer Console which allows filtering and opening markets as you can see in my video.

    I will add some description to this video after releasing the latest version.

  • Edumadrid
    9.9.2015 14:25:07

    Thank you for your explanation