Finder odds, pre-game and in-play

Hi Stefan:

Would it be possible to incorporate a finder odds in your app?

For instance:


Multiple Finder: CS 0-0 @> 15 + MO Draw @ <4 + O-2.5 @ <1.8.
Simple Finder: MO Favorite @ <1.5


CS 0-0 @ < 4

Draw @ <2

Thanks in advance


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  • Stefan
    7.9.2015 14:38:59

    This is a really good idea but a problem is that it is quite difficult to implement, a tool for general usage for any kind of sport betting event you would like to search.

    In my own bot solutions I solve this problem by developing custom bots or bot triggers which check my entry conditions and open required associated markets, so then I am able to filter or search for markets by executing such bots with Bot Executor, or by executing custom scripts from Bfexplorer Console.

    BDP betfair team scheduled to release (estimated release date is September 2015) in beta version a new feature: Exchange Market Streaming. In description they say:

    Stream market information (primarily prices) based on user-filters.

    This feature was not yet released, as soon as they do so I will check what can be done.

  • Edumadrid
    8.9.2015 12:21:06

    Stefan thanks for your response and your video.

    We'll wait for Betfair provide new feature: Streaming Exchange Market


  • Edumadrid
    9.9.2015 18:23:43

    I appreciate your interest, but after not using a bot from BFE-2, I'm in bad shape.

    I could not create the bot Lay Draw Back0-0, nor the search odds.

    I followed the instructions of the video, but OUTPUT gives me error.


  • Stefan
    9.9.2015 19:02:49

    I see I forgot to change path to referenced assemblies. It was set to my development environment. I have just fixed it. You can re-download your scripts.

    If by any chance your bfexplorer installation is in different folder, then you must change path in your scripts yourself. The default bfexplorer app folder on 64 bit OS is:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\BeloSoft\Bfexplorer

    On your pictures you can actually read what error was generated when compiling your scripts after you clicked on the Start button.

  • Edumadrid
    10.9.2015 1:14:43

    I think this script already it works.

    Tomorrow I will try layDrawBack0-0

  • Edumadrid
    10.9.2015 13:30:59