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  • Mir.
    10.3.2016 15:38:15

    For examle Greyhounds:

    If I run the bot 5 min before the bot calculate odds from (and PriceImprovement) from this situation.

    But I want to run the bot 10 minutes before and calculate and place bet AFTER maximumOddsDiff is 2 (maybe 2 minutes before)


    I do not want to place @5.60 because -> the condition is not satisfied (maximumOddsDiff is 2)



    But if ALL conditions are met ... the bot place bet ONLY at 5.60

    What's the use that ODDS are already other

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 0:20:36

    Problem solved.
    I do not use this shoe for trading on greyhounds.

    Condition: MaximumOddsDifference is condition for specific bot (not for start complex trading strategy).

    I tried to set up 2 Place Bet bot in chain, but it is uncomfortable (1st bot with small stake, back @ 1.01, 2nd bot run when MaximumOddsDifference is awaited)

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 0:25:26

    Problem solved.
    I do not use this bot for trading on greyhounds.


    // I cant edit my own latest comment

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 12:20:37

    Miro, there is actually no problem with this bot, when bot is executed with PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange, and you set required parameters for MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference, then initial bet is placed only when those parameter values are met, so the bot will do exactly what you want to.

    Once a bet is placed, and if it is not fully matched, then bot updates bet odds to fulfill your requirements for bet placing at required calculated odds, but in this process the MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference parameters are not used, these parameters are used only for initial bet placing.

    If you require other bot behavior in this stage (when bot updates odds), then of course a custom bot must be programmed, but you did not mentioned such behavior.

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 13:49:51

    MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference parameters are used after the bet placed.

    I don´t want update any bets, I want place for example 3 Back bets with different Price Improvements for the first time at right Odds. Without any chasing the Odds.

    This is the key of my problem.

    Yes, maybe I can use ChaseOddsTimeout but only once.

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 14:14:25

    Using ChaseOddsTimeout is not good!
    Dynamic stakes (like Liability) calculated at strarting (wrong) Odds. If chasing odds stake is unchanged

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 15:05:21

    Miro, MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference parameters are used before a bet is placed. If you set these parameters and values are not met then your bet is not placed.

    If you do not want to use the chase odds feature which is actually one of base features when you use calculated odds bet placing, so when PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange is set, then set ChaseOddsTimeout parameter to 1 day for instance: 1.00:00:00. This setting will effectively stop bet updating, as your bet is active on greyhounds market just for couple minutes.

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 15:54:04

    I understand.

    As described on picture. No bets on Selection. But Back bet waiting for place €10 @ 5.60 if MaximumOddsDifference < 2.

    Place bet bot



    And finally best back odds is 4.60 and best lay odds is 4.80, conditions are met and ... bot place a bet with calculated price @ 5.60

  • Stefan
    13.3.2016 17:02:47

    Did you actually test your bot running and watched the bot behavior? I do not think so because Bet Status Description is just text not updated when bet condition changes. It shows initial bot status when bot status changes.

    Execute the bot, and then report what you find out. I noticed it in many cases you just mislead others with wrong conclusions, please test bot behavior first before posting any comment or article to this forum.

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 18:36:20


    You are right.
    With this settings...


    Bot recalculate a bet by actual Odds.