Some minor issues

€ vs. Kč

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  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 21:02:18

    BTW: It's AWESOME!

    Screen is from Practice Mode but now works very easy and without problems...


  • Stefan
    2.8.2015 12:03:20

    Well, yes in your trading style you prefer to execute your bot at exact odds, so it makes sense to visualize bot status on a selection ladder, but on the other hand there are bots which are not directly associated with a trigger action at the exact odds, but to odds range, or bots running on a market not on a selection.

    As you are free to start as many bots as you want to, you can start two or more bots to be triggered at one odds level, so it means that in one row/price(odds) level, there would be more bots, not just the one.

    Your comments helped me to realize the issue with PlaceBetInAllowedOddsRange set to False, because that is the only setting you can use in your scenario for Place Bet and Place Bet and Close Position bots, when bot trigger is set to start bet placing at exact odds. I have fixed this issue, and will update Market Bots to report about bet status.

  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 19:48:32

    How often are refreshed BF charts?

  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 20:03:10

    Profit column:
    Add parameter: Stop all bots and Cancel all placed bets.


    Usually I stopped all bot and canceled all bets when I Hedged Profit on Selection.


  • Mir.
    3.8.2015 8:57:59

    Profit column:


    In the new version of BFE:


    - unmatched bet canceled but bots still works

    - hedge profit is not calculate accurate

  • Mir.
    3.8.2015 9:03:17

    In the new version...



  • Stefan
    3.8.2015 16:05:32

    Betfair chart is not refreshed, and actually there is no reason to do so as it always displayed the latest chart image when popup window appears.

    Profit column does not offer Stop and cancel all feature, you must click on the ladder button to explicitly activate this action. Click into a row in the Profit column places a hedge bet only.

    I hope I have fixed problem with currency symbol, 1.6.5692 is released.

  • Mir.
    3.8.2015 20:10:44


    Bots still running but I can't Stop them...



  • Stefan
    3.8.2015 20:33:15

    Yes, I know about it, therefor I named this feature Stop/Cancel All, it is available only when there are some unmatched bets on the market selections. It is about implementation details, I do not have seperate container for market selection bots, therefor it is hard to implement it, for now I leave as it is, later maybe I will do something.

  • Mir.
    22.8.2015 22:33:47


    Tick Profit, Net Tick Profit ... why is not in Stake, Stake attribute