Some minor issues

€ vs. Kč

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  • Stefan
    23.8.2015 13:37:41

    You can test it in the latest version of bfexplorer.

  • Mir.
    23.8.2015 14:06:51

    Executing through Use Ladder function does not works correctly...

    Use StakeType from beStakeIs

  • Mir.
    23.8.2015 14:15:21

    Can you make videos with visible mouse cursor?

    Very hard to watching

  • Stefan
    23.8.2015 20:25:22

    After updating to Windows 10, the mouse capturing seems to not working when making my video screencasts. I will try to fix it in new videos.

    I have fixed StakeType issue when using Use Ladder feature, update bfexplorer and your bot triggers as well.

  • Mir.
    24.8.2015 13:22:56

    spacebar shortcut - center ladders in the Bet Event Trader

  • Mir.
    25.8.2015 0:39:46

    sorry, StakeType issue when using Use Ladder feature still don't work correctly.



    - Place Bet

    - Be The First In Queue

    - Fill Or Kill

    - Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position

    - Tick Offset


    - Scratch Trading bot still works with Stake only

  • Stefan
    25.8.2015 14:19:14

    I have just updated bfexplorer adding StakeType parameter for Scratch Trading bot.

  • Mir.
    25.8.2015 20:56:05

    About - StakeType parameter:




  • Mir.
    26.8.2015 17:01:38

    Is it possible create public folder with free scripts?


    You change some code in Bfe, old scripts dont work, and look for them in the forum is not easy...

  • Mir.
    26.8.2015 22:01:39

    Done - of custom scripts - Execute Trigger Bot