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  • Mir.
    26.7.2015 22:19:10

    Nice, thans.


    I do not think it works well, next shortcuts:

    B – Set the stake down.
    M – Set the stake up.

  • Mir.
    26.7.2015 23:28:32

    How can I select column for executing my bots? (in Bet Event Trader)

    Now I must select a Selection in Market Selection... and after this I can execute a bot from My Bots

  • Mir.
    26.7.2015 23:44:31

    Market Bots:

    Stop, Stop All - bot stop but its stakes not cancel

  • Stefan
    27.7.2015 12:50:49

    B, M shortcuts do work correctly.


    Do you select a ladder before placing a bet? Of course you do not select a ladder but directly click on a ladder column row to place required bet.

    Bet Event Trader view has no notion of selecting a selection. On the other hand if you want to use bot execution in the Bet Event Trader, then simply when creating a bot definition type in the bot category name: My Ladder Bot.

    All bots with the category name: My Ladder Bot then appear in the ladder context menu so you can execute a bot from a ladder as well. You already know that such bot execution takes Stake, BetType and Price/Odds to change the bot execution parameters. It means the bot with My Ladder Bot should be a bot for general use and execution of a certain bot strategy, so you should name it appropriately.

    Once, a user sent to me a bfexplorer screenshot to report some issue. His My Bots view was on the left side in full height of application window, filled with more than 40 bot settings. When I asked him for what he uses so many bot settings he told me that basically almost all bot settings are for “Be the first in queue” bot with different bet type and stake, and with allowed odds range, for this type of bot when BFIQ bot backs you should define minimal allowed odds, and opposite when BFIQ bot lays you should define maximal allowed odds.

    I asked him why he did not use My Ladder Bot feature to execute his BFIQ bot from a ladder, because what he actually did when starting BFIQ bot was to open a market selection, then judge the true market value, bet type and odds, and then chose from his list of bots, which bot to start.


    All that he can do with just one BFIQ bot setting marked with the category name: My Ladder Bot. On ladder he chooses bet type by column, stake is set by Stake toolbar settings, and allowed odds range is changed to the row/odds he clicked on ladder.


    When you decide to use a bot for your betting or trading strategy, then you delegate your job to the bot. If for any reason later you decide to stop the bot, then you are responsible to manage your bet position yourself, so if necessary then cancel unmatched bets or close your bet position.

    I can only see one such bot with this functionality, a spoofing bot, its purpose is actually not to place bets to be matched but to manipulate a market, so when such bot is stopped, it is just clear that all managed bets must be cancelled.

  • Mir.
    28.7.2015 0:06:28

    Sorry, but shortcuts
    B – Set the stake down
    M – Set the stake up ... in the Stake toolbar not working. Yes it changing, but only once and from 5th position jumps to 3rd, 2nd, 1st (B) and from 1 to 5 position of the Stake do not changing (M)


    Category name: My Ladder Bot
    I understand the trader. For me is My Ladder Bot category name little complicated. Its usage not User Experience (UX).
    - Select right Stake.
    - Click Right mouse button
    - Select bot
    Every time when I want to execute the bot...

    Why there is no toolbar with bots (like Stake toolbar) ?
    - Select right bot
    - and click on ladder to run this bot; and once more; and once more...

    Bot or script has own logic with conditions, stakes (staking plan), etc.


  • Stefan
    29.7.2015 20:58:58

    You were right B, M shortcuts not worked correctly, I forgot to extend stake changing to all 6 stakes. I added Use a ladder click to start a bot, and Start selected bot to the ladder context menu.

  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 12:04:09

    B,M - works, thanks
    (before changing predefined Stakes/Liability/Tick profit you must click on Selection/select any Selection. My personal hint: the safest way how to select Selection is click on the Matched column)




    Use Ladder

    Nice! Now is very easy run any bot by 2 clicks or 1! click repeatedly on Selection.

    1) My personal problem is how to use parameter Stake. Use Ladder "takes" Bet Type, Stake and price range from Ladder. But I think in the future will be better "lock" Stake (bot own attribute, not taken from a ladder)


    2) Visual indicator of bots in Bot State - WaitingForOperation (or running bots)

    Example: Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position ... WaitingForOperation ... Stake €80 at 5.0
    Market bots window I use only for "Stop All" button feature.



  • Stefan
    1.8.2015 15:44:45

    I do not understand where you have got a problem with selecting a ladder and why? Actually you select a ladder directly when clicking on one of row/column, and this click also defines your desired action: placing a bet, cancelling a bet, update a bet, placing a hedge bet to close position, or the latest addition when Use Ladder is active, then starting selected bot.

    You need to select a market selection only when executing a bot by Start bot button in the My Bots view. Think again, in this case you need to select a market selection only in that case when your bot setting requires to define selection by user, so when the parameter: ExecuteOnSelection is set to 0.
    I noticed it on your examples as well as on other use ones that you are lazy to name your bot setting correctly.

    For instance I could name my bot: Trade 3 ticks.

    What such bot name suggests to me? It suggests this bot is used primarily for execution from ladder, either through My Ladder Bots context menu, or through your addition so directly clicking on a ladder, of course when Use Ladder feature is active.

    In the bot name there is no information about stake, nor bet type either, and it is clear that bot must have some initial settings for BetType and Stake, I used to set BetType by default to Back, and Stake only to 10 Euro. BetType or Stake is actually not relevant as those parameters are taken from my current settings, on the other hand in the bot name is missing information about Loss, well is not missing as is set to 0, so bot does not close my bet position in loss.

    If I name my bot: Trade 2 ticks profit or 3 ticks loss, again is clear what my bot does.

    If I name my bot: Trade 2 ticks by backing 100 Euro on favourite, then it is clear what my bot does exactly, and that I do not need to select a selection on which I want to execute this bot, the bot will do so automatically.

    You can name your bots in Czech, if such naming is shorter, but in Slovak language naming of bots is always longer, so I prefer English. Some users use just abbreviation in letters, I hope you understand what I wanted to say.


    Well, yes I like nice looking user interface as well, but in some cases there are some implementation details which do such visualisation of data difficult. I will see what I can do to visualize bot state on ladder, for now you must use Market Bots view.

  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 18:34:30

    ok, understandable names of bots are usefull.



    Sorry, I wrote about situation when I need select any Selection before run a bot. Now it is different.
    1st step is select bot (click on bot name and Use Ladder)
    2nd step is click on the Ladder of Selection

    Works perfectly.

  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 18:52:08

    Visualize bot state on ladder - Running Bots column?

    uploaded image