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  • Stu42
    7.7.2016 14:24:29

    No, there is no easy way to differentiate. Very unfortunate. Never mind, i'll keep manually choosing race meetings daily.

  • Stu42
    2.6.2016 13:42:39

    Great! Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I needed. The bets aren't Dutching, just a simple home odds criteria, so I'll be betting the Correct Score with equal pts/£/$. I notice Betfair doesn't give Correct_Score2 on every match for higher scorelines which is a shame.

  • Stu42
    11.4.2016 2:38:16


    So how do I monitor the following?

    • Stake
    • Profit or Loss

    I can only see the stake and odds on "Output"

    What is the best way? Do I UNTICK "StopMarketMonitoring"?

    Also, I can see some wins but no 'rollover' stakes when betting


  • Stu42
    10.4.2016 14:33:49

     I have to agree with MIR... the event disappears when you click on it.

    Also, some have got 'matched' ticked but zero profit/loss. So what happened to it? I have no idea whether it made the bet, and profited or lost. Some ARE coming up with the losses showing -$0.50

    As for the MaximumOddsDifference - yes I know there are descriptions, but it does not describe how these odds difference are measured, as I said. Is it 1.0 spread or 0.1? For example, if I typed 10, will that be 10.0x1.0=10 odds or 10x0.1=1.0 or 10x0.2=2.0 i.e depending on the actual event odds. I mean, are they 'pips/ticks' or actual odds values? (hopefully I make sense!)

    MIR - I would love to know what you are doing for entry & exit on greyhounds and trailing, I'd like to test a few myself for trailing on greyhounds and horses. If it's private, I understand...


  • Stu42
    10.4.2016 11:21:29

    OK, when I need to check the bot to see if has actioned correctly, I can only do that by seeing the odds for the U0.5. But I cannot see them unless I go to Event Browser or Open Market. So to check which matches quickly, a simple column in Order/Bot Exectutor tab with the "back/lay"  for the market would be easier to check it (I said bid/offer - sorry)


    Also, on Entry Criteria, it has "TotalMatched" but this is only for the U0.5 (the action)

    Any chance I could have TotalMatched for the Underlying Head to Head Match Odds? That way it would select the higher £$E events.


    To ensure that Back & Lay are not far apart, I assume I need to add "MaximumOddsDifference"?

    What is that measured in? Is it a spread of the Betfair difference? i.e. 0.2 under 10.0 and 1.0 over 10.0? So if I used 10 as Maximum, would that work?


  • Stu42
    10.4.2016 9:45:40

    I know Statarea very well. Can you limit it to over a certain number? e.g. if I only want minimum of 60 for the home win?

  • Stu42
    10.4.2016 1:54:34

    Thanks Stefan,

    I reload the bot daily at the moment, but wish it was automatic reload so I don't have to touch it.

    All my parameters are set correctly to your specifications, but none were actioned last night to a bet. No bets.

    Another program I have reloads matches constantly, remembers the wins/profits/losses regardless of the time from last trade whether a day/week or months & still trades from the previous settlement. I don't think it relies on Betfair but it's own memory storage. I would love it if bfexplorer bot could do the same. If not I can reload daily, no problem if it works.


    I already have the columns set up with Matched and Unmatched, but having a bid/offer column would mean I could see at an instance what the price is. Clicking through hundreds of matches would be laborious and time-consuming.



  • Stu42
    9.4.2016 15:07:07

    Your English is great, I understand you perfectly, my problem is I may not understand the problem!

    Time limited checking over 2 hours should be ok if a criteria-valid football match is approaching the start (especially on a Saturday) within the 2 hours.

    And if it does not check it, then how does that affect the bot? I thought the previous results are "recorded" in a string of arrays, as we discussed, within the bfexplorer (as long as the program is open) when it wins, along with the new stake.

    Something is not working, so hopefully you'll recognise it!

    Another issue I am having is checking the valid matches quickly. Is it possible to have a column in Event Browser, Open Markets or Order/Bot Executor tab with the market price, 1 bid and 1 offer. It would make it easier for me to know which markets should be 'firing' a bet.



  • Stu42
    9.4.2016 14:15:14

    Thanks for the explanation on the closing using the script.

    In your last statement you said you "will prepare a script you will execute manually at the end of the betting session to check market status for remaining markets". I'm not sure that this will work if most matches are while I am sleeping! In any case, a bot should be doing this for me automatically.

    Or maybe I am missing the point?


  • Stu42
    9.4.2016 0:56:48

    Yes, I understand. At the moment I am not getting the Block staking to work. It worked once, but then I could not get the thing to action any bets (and there were lots I missed). So I have a few questions:

    1. Do I need to remove the old block staking bot which has finished, for the new one to work?

    2. There are 2 times, one for the action bot, and one to execute the block staking. Should these be set the same time (i.e. -0:05:00) OR should the action bot be 'inside' the block bot?

    What times would make this fail to execute?

    3. How can I remove all the matches from the Open Events and also the Open Markets tab?



  • Stu42
    6.4.2016 15:42:05

    Hi Mir,

    I just want to introduce myself. I am Stu and just started using the Bot, after using many others over the years. I like your results you are getting on the greyhounds trailing stop loss.

    I'm trialling a few myself at the moment, getting used to the program.

    Hopefully I can have some good input here as to what works for me and what doesn't.

    Thanks, Stu