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  • Mir.
    7.8.2015 19:19:32

    Hi, it is not about big programming...
    I just click on the Ladder.
    All other do bots. Really! Especially early taking stop-losses.

    My one click and decision is on bot.


  • Mir.
    7.8.2015 18:19:28







    Only few clicks on Ladder and the show is going on!

  • Mir.
    7.8.2015 3:48:07

    Can you show me how to set up additional bot parameters?
    Some examples.

  • Mir.
    7.8.2015 3:38:19

    For this type of Execute Trigger Bot you must set Use Ladder Parameter checkbox to True!

    If you not set all the options in the .CSV file (all rows) you can just bet on the Back side even if you click on the Lay side on the Ladder. Execute Trigger Bot run predefided action bot - for example any Place bet bot with default parameters.


    Be careful!

  • Mir.
    5.8.2015 18:03:31

    Really, awesome! Thanks.

    Unique benefits of betfair software worldwide!

    New level of semi automatic trading.

  • Mir.
    3.8.2015 20:10:44


    Bots still running but I can't Stop them...



  • Mir.
    3.8.2015 9:03:17

    In the new version...



  • Mir.
    3.8.2015 8:57:59

    Profit column:


    In the new version of BFE:


    - unmatched bet canceled but bots still works

    - hedge profit is not calculate accurate

  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 21:21:19


    New data from datafile overwrites default setting.

    It is better for loading parameters ... only parameter, which I want to change.



    If in a row is "OfferMyBet" the bot set "OfferMyBet = True".

    For example "AtInPlayKeepBet" is not in the row -> it is means default settings -> AtInPlayKeepBet = False

  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 20:03:10

    Profit column:
    Add parameter: Stop all bots and Cancel all placed bets.


    Usually I stopped all bot and canceled all bets when I Hedged Profit on Selection.


  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 19:48:32

    How often are refreshed BF charts?

  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 15:29:16


    Because is possible execute bots directly from the ladder (and this feature is the most strong for manually trading) we can raise this to the next level.

    Look at images:

    There is very clear example. The name of bot is only illustrative, because this bot can execute many others type of bots.

    1) Click on: Use Ladder - I want to execute bot from a ladder

    2) Click on: Place Bet bot - use ladder - I select my bot which I want to execute

    3) Click on: the ladder - I clicked on: Odds 3,35 and To Back side ... WHAT HAPPENS?


    See next image!!



    I prepared file which can tell me what happens.

    3) Click on: the ladder - I clicked on: Odds 3,35 and To Back side ... WHAT HAPPENS?


    If I clicked on: Odds 3,35 and To Back side - run the bot with Bot name "Place Bet" and with parameters in same row. Understand?


    See the first image: Bet €134 placed at 3,35 and waiting for matching...



    Usability is neverending.


    Yes, in 1 file you must set 700 rows (350× 1,01-1000 for Back and 350× 1,01-1000 for Lay side) but you can change parameter on every row!!

    You need trade with 1 or 2 or 3 ticks to Profit? No problem, at 2,10 you set 3 ticks and at 8,0 1 tick... Easy and reflect your trading experience.

    I think this will be strong feature for full automated trading too. I am looking forward...

  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 12:30:45


    there is screenshot of my workplace.


    No miracles: only Stakes, Charts, high Ladder.


    All what I want is only for my comfort.

    Compressed ladder especially. I don't need trade every tick. I am trading bigger and huge gaps. With no many rows the ladder will be more clear.

    You really need to see 1,26-1,27-1,28-1,29 rows/odds on in-play market?


    Attention: this is only for horse racing markets! Compressed ladder maybe will usable on football or tennis matches. But with another settings.


  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 23:09:35

    Hi dikenia,
    and what your opinion on ladder without some rows.


    Reduced Ladder... New trading grid


    I used some "In-Play trader" tools but for me they are confusing or not for my trading habits.

    I like BF graphs - max. refresh, similar like on screen.


  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 21:02:18

    BTW: It's AWESOME!

    Screen is from Practice Mode but now works very easy and without problems...


  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 18:52:08

    Visualize bot state on ladder - Running Bots column?

    uploaded image


  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 18:34:30

    ok, understandable names of bots are usefull.



    Sorry, I wrote about situation when I need select any Selection before run a bot. Now it is different.
    1st step is select bot (click on bot name and Use Ladder)
    2nd step is click on the Ladder of Selection

    Works perfectly.

  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 14:43:21

    I think about it for a few days...


    1) We must define what is "The cycle".

    Betting cycle: Place bet

    Trading cycle 1: Place bet on 1 selection

    Trading cycle 2: Open many bets on associated markets


    2) Evaluate, results

    Betting cycle:  Finished race; winner or not

    Trading cycle 1: Close position; Profit or Loss

    Trading cycle 2: Checking Profit History +/- and Close All Positions at ...


    3) What do next - What change

    Betting cycle:  Stake (aply staking plan; for example Martingale, Fibonaci ...)

    Trading cycle 1: Every Bot Parameters and EntryCriteria

    Trading cycle 2:  Every Bot Parameters and EntryCriteria




    I think that easiest way how to implement analyzing logic is make one bot for every step.

    Run Bot01

    If cycle of Bot01 is PROFIT Run bot01 than Run Bot2

    Run Bot02

    If cycle of Bot02 is PROFIT Run bot01 than Run Bot3

    Run Bot03

    If cycle of Bot03 is PROFIT Run bot01 than Run Bot4 ...


    Every bot has own predefined parameters.


    It maybe like Execute Till Target Profit bot with new parameter LosingStreak:

    Bot01;Bot02;Bot03;Bot04;...; Bot12 (bot Bot12 is every next).


    I prefer setting saved in CSV file like on this picture (screen from XLXS file)... All in one bot.

    (There is an additional parameter Loss: if Loss is higher than €-15 run Bot03).


  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 12:04:09

    B,M - works, thanks
    (before changing predefined Stakes/Liability/Tick profit you must click on Selection/select any Selection. My personal hint: the safest way how to select Selection is click on the Matched column)




    Use Ladder

    Nice! Now is very easy run any bot by 2 clicks or 1! click repeatedly on Selection.

    1) My personal problem is how to use parameter Stake. Use Ladder "takes" Bet Type, Stake and price range from Ladder. But I think in the future will be better "lock" Stake (bot own attribute, not taken from a ladder)


    2) Visual indicator of bots in Bot State - WaitingForOperation (or running bots)

    Example: Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position ... WaitingForOperation ... Stake €80 at 5.0
    Market bots window I use only for "Stop All" button feature.



  • Mir.
    29.7.2015 10:46:07

    Horse racing markets, the same bot runs on some Selections.
    Each of the robots must have own evaluation (maybe with parameter Stop at profit/loss).
    Result is: the chain of results - win, loss, loss, loss, win, ... (or better +2.05, -2.05, -2.05,-2.05, +2.05)
    After analyze output data, I can change Stakes for every next trading cycle. It is the same like any staking plan. For changing Stake exactly I prefer list {"2", "4", "8", "16", "8"} ....

    The importance of this is readily available the results of the first analysis of the trading cycle.