Custom bot script - quick help

Hi Stefan,

I would like test some trading case. I need modify Place bet bot.


UPDATE: 4-July-2015

Key features:

1)  Place bet at concrete Odds - I have list of Odds on which I want place a bet, and Stakes ... for example:


2) Place bet only when additional variable MatchedBetDifference < (Matched Bets on Lay side - Matched Bets on Back side)


3) If already bet placed at concrete Odds (exactly: more than 27% of a whole placed bet) -> do not place the other bet at concrete Odds.


4) GAP protection - condition for place a bet must use difference between the best Lay price and best Back price.
This script make only the balance between matched bets and do not offer and do not open the trade. There can use the condition for example:
IF GAP (best Back price - best Lay price in Ticks) 5 ticks than LastTradedPrice = LastTradedPrice - 2 ticks.

Bet placed only if LastTradedPrice will be 2 tick higher (or lower) than concrete Odds. Safer for big GAP trading.



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  • Stefan
    2.8.2015 12:17:20

    I do want to start a series of articles about Bot Trigger programming or about using them, and I actually did and do a lot in bfexplorer infrastructure to extend Bot Trigger features.


    For instance I added two new triggers OpenAssociatedMarket and WatchMarketSelections that allows you orchestrate your trading markets or just to add market selections to Watched Selections view, so help you done what you have to do manually in couple step, done by Bot Trigger in one click.

    You posted a couple ideas for Bot Trigger, so selected the one you want to implement first.

  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 15:29:16


    Because is possible execute bots directly from the ladder (and this feature is the most strong for manually trading) we can raise this to the next level.

    Look at images:

    There is very clear example. The name of bot is only illustrative, because this bot can execute many others type of bots.

    1) Click on: Use Ladder - I want to execute bot from a ladder

    2) Click on: Place Bet bot - use ladder - I select my bot which I want to execute

    3) Click on: the ladder - I clicked on: Odds 3,35 and To Back side ... WHAT HAPPENS?


    See next image!!



    I prepared file which can tell me what happens.

    3) Click on: the ladder - I clicked on: Odds 3,35 and To Back side ... WHAT HAPPENS?


    If I clicked on: Odds 3,35 and To Back side - run the bot with Bot name "Place Bet" and with parameters in same row. Understand?


    See the first image: Bet €134 placed at 3,35 and waiting for matching...



    Usability is neverending.


    Yes, in 1 file you must set 700 rows (350× 1,01-1000 for Back and 350× 1,01-1000 for Lay side) but you can change parameter on every row!!

    You need trade with 1 or 2 or 3 ticks to Profit? No problem, at 2,10 you set 3 ticks and at 8,0 1 tick... Easy and reflect your trading experience.

    I think this will be strong feature for full automated trading too. I am looking forward...

  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 21:21:19


    New data from datafile overwrites default setting.

    It is better for loading parameters ... only parameter, which I want to change.



    If in a row is "OfferMyBet" the bot set "OfferMyBet = True".

    For example "AtInPlayKeepBet" is not in the row -> it is means default settings -> AtInPlayKeepBet = False