Results of trading cycles vs. staking plans

In a fully automated trading I need any tool for evaluation of trading.

For example: the robot Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position traded 20 cycles...
Is it better use flat staking plan or not? Can I upgrade behavior of the bot? How And where?


Any hint or idea?

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  • Stefan
    29.7.2015 10:17:39

    It would be possible to create Bot Trigger script managing bots or/and their parameters. As the bot trigger runs on one market you can do so only on one market. You should say exactly what you want to do, then I can say if it is possible or not.

  • Mir.
    29.7.2015 10:46:07

    Horse racing markets, the same bot runs on some Selections.
    Each of the robots must have own evaluation (maybe with parameter Stop at profit/loss).
    Result is: the chain of results - win, loss, loss, loss, win, ... (or better +2.05, -2.05, -2.05,-2.05, +2.05)
    After analyze output data, I can change Stakes for every next trading cycle. It is the same like any staking plan. For changing Stake exactly I prefer list {"2", "4", "8", "16", "8"} ....

    The importance of this is readily available the results of the first analysis of the trading cycle.

  • Stefan
    29.7.2015 21:21:03

    Well, you say after analyzing output data..., but I believe you want your bot to analyze winning or losing streak, and then set different trading parameters for your trading bot.

    If bot trigger will execute your trading bot on defined selections then win/loss results could be saved, but the question is how you want to implement “the analyzing logic”.

    Use just general description, so leaving bot simple enough to start development of this trigger bot, in simple and understandable steps.

  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 14:43:21

    I think about it for a few days...


    1) We must define what is "The cycle".

    Betting cycle: Place bet

    Trading cycle 1: Place bet on 1 selection

    Trading cycle 2: Open many bets on associated markets


    2) Evaluate, results

    Betting cycle:  Finished race; winner or not

    Trading cycle 1: Close position; Profit or Loss

    Trading cycle 2: Checking Profit History +/- and Close All Positions at ...


    3) What do next - What change

    Betting cycle:  Stake (aply staking plan; for example Martingale, Fibonaci ...)

    Trading cycle 1: Every Bot Parameters and EntryCriteria

    Trading cycle 2:  Every Bot Parameters and EntryCriteria




    I think that easiest way how to implement analyzing logic is make one bot for every step.

    Run Bot01

    If cycle of Bot01 is PROFIT Run bot01 than Run Bot2

    Run Bot02

    If cycle of Bot02 is PROFIT Run bot01 than Run Bot3

    Run Bot03

    If cycle of Bot03 is PROFIT Run bot01 than Run Bot4 ...


    Every bot has own predefined parameters.


    It maybe like Execute Till Target Profit bot with new parameter LosingStreak:

    Bot01;Bot02;Bot03;Bot04;...; Bot12 (bot Bot12 is every next).


    I prefer setting saved in CSV file like on this picture (screen from XLXS file)... All in one bot.

    (There is an additional parameter Loss: if Loss is higher than €-15 run Bot03).