Ladder font size


I really like the appealing layout of this application esp. the ladder view. As I mainly trade horses inrunning using the ladder I would like to know whether it`s possible to reduce the font size/row height of the ladders so that a wider range of odds could be displayed without having to scroll alot.



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  • dikenia
    1.8.2015 21:27:04

    or at least making the ladders bigger. just as I said the aim is to see as many rows/odds as possible.

  • Mir.
    1.8.2015 23:09:35

    Hi dikenia,
    and what your opinion on ladder without some rows.


    Reduced Ladder... New trading grid


    I used some "In-Play trader" tools but for me they are confusing or not for my trading habits.

    I like BF graphs - max. refresh, similar like on screen.


  • Stefan
    2.8.2015 11:02:52

    Just rotate your monitor to portrait mode, no I am not joking, actually chance is that you have got such type of stand on your monitor, then switch display settings in windows to portrait for this monitor.

    I did rotated one of my monitors to portrait orientation and after changing app layout putting some of views on landscape orientated monitor and main app window with Bet Event Trader on portrait orientated monitor I have got when comparing ladder with 2 odds in middle, in portrait orientated monitor I saw odds from 1.6 to 2.54, in landscape one from 1.82 to 2.28.

    For me, the computer is working tool, and as a software developer I used to use two monitors, it has advantages as when debugging a program, your IDE (for not programs/software developers the application you use to develop programs in, on Windows platform mainly Visual Studio) is on one monitor, and debugging app/program on other monitor. Some software developer use second monitor by default in portrait mode, as software developer you must read documentation, and so on.

    I have got two old Samsungs 2443, with new 4K monitors I would again bought two monitors, even if resolution for latest monitors is a lot bigger now, that it was some years back.

    Yes, what Miro suggests, the compressed typed of ladder has some advantage.

    I do not think to be successful trader on in-play markets the ladder size makes any advantage, quite opposite is true, you must spot opportunity sooner than others do, and take value bet/s.

    I have got two Professional users/traders from GB I made bespoke solutions years ago with their own different features, but basically what both do is to place a set of bets, cancel unmatched bets after set timeout (if active), close bet position (if active) either by hedging or set stake. Both traders actually do not use ladders, but activate bot execution for horse they type saddle number for. If saddle number is from 1-9 then firing action bots is as quick as pressing one number, for saddle numbers. One trader uses minus as well to change bet type to lay bet.

    They use mini notebooks directly on racecourse, so they are seconds before you in judging race, and they place sets of bets by bot so in one API request. Well, yes if you know what you do then you can find your edge in in-play trading even if you trade from another country on UK horse race.

  • Mir.
    2.8.2015 12:30:45


    there is screenshot of my workplace.


    No miracles: only Stakes, Charts, high Ladder.


    All what I want is only for my comfort.

    Compressed ladder especially. I don't need trade every tick. I am trading bigger and huge gaps. With no many rows the ladder will be more clear.

    You really need to see 1,26-1,27-1,28-1,29 rows/odds on in-play market?


    Attention: this is only for horse racing markets! Compressed ladder maybe will usable on football or tennis matches. But with another settings.