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  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 0:35:13

    Problem solved.
    I do not have to use parameter "StakeType" in my CSV file.
    All Stakes I can define exactly as Stake; prepared before

    Tick Profit €1@3.65 is Stake €73@3.65

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 0:25:26

    Problem solved.
    I do not use this bot for trading on greyhounds.


    // I cant edit my own latest comment

  • Mir.
    13.3.2016 0:20:36

    Problem solved.
    I do not use this shoe for trading on greyhounds.

    Condition: MaximumOddsDifference is condition for specific bot (not for start complex trading strategy).

    I tried to set up 2 Place Bet bot in chain, but it is uncomfortable (1st bot with small stake, back @ 1.01, 2nd bot run when MaximumOddsDifference is awaited)

  • Mir.
    11.3.2016 2:34:35

    I can´t change StakeType in my CSV file.


    Is my syntax correct?

    670.00;Back;Place Bet;Odds;670.00;BetType;Back;Stake;2.22;StakeType;Tick Profit



  • Mir.
    10.3.2016 15:38:15

    For examle Greyhounds:

    If I run the bot 5 min before the bot calculate odds from (and PriceImprovement) from this situation.

    But I want to run the bot 10 minutes before and calculate and place bet AFTER maximumOddsDiff is 2 (maybe 2 minutes before)


    I do not want to place @5.60 because -> the condition is not satisfied (maximumOddsDiff is 2)



    But if ALL conditions are met ... the bot place bet ONLY at 5.60

    What's the use that ODDS are already other

  • Mir.
    10.3.2016 14:48:18

    Can I use "Entry Criteria" in CSV file?

    And how?


    For example:

    Entry Criteria

  • Mir.
    10.3.2016 14:31:13

    I do not want to place bet at any range...

    I want to place a bet: IF maximumOddsDiff is 2 and at this time with PriceImprovement 2


  • Mir.
    10.3.2016 12:25:55

    Do you remember your bot in old version BFE which names "PlaceBets bot"?

  • Mir.
    10.3.2016 12:14:40

    Yes, at the current odds!

    Not at a time when the criteria are met, but at the time when the robot is started

  • Mir.
    9.3.2016 18:15:12

    I have some issue with PlaceBet bot.

    Place bet bot - parametres


    Place bet with this setting - will place bet at the odds when the bot is started, not when criteria are met. In this case: Maximum odds difference

    The bot selected Odds (7.2) and after all criteria met, placed bet at this Odds. Not at Odds 6.2 as I expected

  • Mir.
    20.12.2015 13:47:24

    Despite this existing solution, I would like to return to the original intent.

    Switch the bots only by win/loss criteria.


    I make simple bot (used Execute Trigger bot with MiroBotTrigger - I can set many others parameters in one bot) and therefore it is difficult to set criteria - such as the Selection Profit Balance.

    Streak L-L-W is can be still negative by ProfitBalance, but for staking plan situation can be different

    I want to make one universal bot (triggers - with different CSV files) cover all selections.


    I want to use only "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" because there is finished trading cycle (open bet -> close bet).

    Selection variable:
    I think that we need selection variable with result of the finished trading cycle. This result will be new criteria for switching a bots by the bot "If then Else"





  • Mir.
    28.9.2015 20:28:31

    Can you set as default Best Fit (all columns)?




    I and after all you too in your videos this setting repeatedly used

  • Mir.
    24.9.2015 21:56:23


    BTW: Profit

    what does it mean in profit? Net profit on this selection? Or profit made by the bets from all other selections... etc.

    Here is many bot which used Profit but profit is not same profit...


    I'm not smart enough to know at a glance what profit is used by bot IfThenElse or Execute Till Target Profit.
    (nowhere explained - I must try it or make idiot myself on the forum...and ask on it) What is frustrating less for customers?


  • Mir.
    24.9.2015 21:29:53

    Sorry, but really don't understand.

    I understand what the bot does, but don't understand why stop-loss is only in profit. This functionality is good (why not) but only as extension.

    A lot of confusion but there is not described how it works. Exactly!

    Manual HOW IT WORKS!



  • Mir.
    24.9.2015 20:47:21

    I've never used "Trailing Stop Loss" but your explanation of his behavior is quite different than usual.

    I thought that Loss is an "anchor" to prevent further losses. If the robot does not reach a profit, I can have any huge losses ...

    Who wanted this functionality?

  • Mir.
    24.9.2015 0:57:39

    14:15 - 15:30


    - trailing stop 2 tick -  Indicator goes from 3,15 to 3,05 but Stop Loss not working when LTP is 3,25

  • Mir.
    23.9.2015 19:44:04

    And what does it mean?

  • Mir.
    23.9.2015 19:31:00

    Stefan, every piece of software has own conception.

    You can not compare using Ladders in GeeksToy vs. Bfexplorer. Cannot compare triggers in Market Feeder Pro vs. Bfexplorer bot ... etc.



    Maybe: would be better write what is better in Bfe instead find mistakes on users, users experiences with others sw etc.


    I decided that I would use the BFE "only" for full automated solutions.

    I cannot use something like Bfexplorer Console, Ladder (in my opinion confused for in-play markets), ... etc.

    I will only use the available scripts or bots. I am not programmer, some times I made mistake, but I do not want to torment and ridicule others to be what I am like a fool.

    Here is maybe false hope of something better, but often good will ended frustrated on the half way.



    Too much energy for me...

  • Mir.
    23.9.2015 17:32:16

    I changed settings which I showed before.


    - Bet placed before In-Play -> Keep in-play
    - Green Up -> changed Back bet 1.25 because green up waiting for 1.25 Odds, but Back bet place bet immediatelly


    It is many conditions only... and meanwhile place bet and cancel bet

  • Mir.
    23.9.2015 17:01:24

    Lay the Field video - in MarketFeeder Pro


    (only sample - with open markets, edit triggers, turn triggers on)