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  • skarabeusz
    11.5.2016 0:55:11

    Hello MIR,

    I tested your tennis BOT - everything is OK.

    But I can not deal with the following problem - I do not know how to set the "Close Selection Get Position".


    I buy a bet LAY - ODDS 4.0 (2 euros).

    Condition: IF ODDS (BACK) is equal to or less than 1.70, then buy a bet.

    What the program does: when ODDS = 1.70, the program buys the same amount of 2 euros.

    To evenly distribute the losses, the program should buy BACK a bet for the amount of 4.71 euros.

    How to properly set the parameters to evenly distribute the losses (you place the screenshot)?


  • skarabeusz
    10.5.2016 23:37:20

    Hello Stefan,

    I noticed that your Excel spreadsheet does not support "Microsoft Visual Basic" scripts.
    Did you could unlock action scripts?

  • skarabeusz
    14.4.2016 17:25:20

     Why do you ask?

  • skarabeusz
    14.4.2016 16:48:21

     I'm testing an Excel spreadsheet and I have the following observations:

    1. Both matches ended up - is a mismatch in the tabulation of results on the sheet.


    2. At the same time, the Excel spreadsheet presented other data.

  • skarabeusz
    13.4.2016 17:05:50

    Stefan:  Let me know when you're done working on this project.

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 17:02:20

    I put a zipped Excel file:


  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 12:46:21

    Thank you for placing a sample file - I have to test these settings.

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 12:22:13

     Could you put a sample file ".BOTS", which accomplishes these objectives?

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 11:46:56

    I'm not sure we well understood.

    BOT bought a bet when the result was 1-0 (SetsScore) and 1-2 (GamesScore).

    You have to close the selection, if will be the result 1-0 (SetsScore) and 3-4 (GamesScore).

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 10:53:21

     Whether you could put a sample screenshot?

    I remind you that we want "close..." because of the results (during the match).

  • skarabeusz
    12.4.2016 9:51:43

    Stefan: Since yesterday, I try to send you an Excel spreadsheet, but the e-mail comes back as undelivered.

  • skarabeusz
    11.4.2016 22:44:56

    Is this sequence correct?

  • skarabeusz
    11.4.2016 22:19:52

    Thank you for the information.

  • skarabeusz
    11.4.2016 11:21:22

    I have a list, eg. 50 tennis matches - Bet LAY (not trading) - eg. I won 2 matches (2 x 5 Euro) - I won 10 Euro - at this point the program has to stop and not to buy more.

  • skarabeusz
    11.4.2016 10:52:24

    I need to close the entire market Tennis (stop program if "X" profit).

  • skarabeusz
    11.4.2016 9:47:35

     My BOT order of the elements is as follows:

  • skarabeusz
    11.4.2016 1:58:05

    How to connect "Close Bet Market Position" with "Tennis Bot" and "Place Bet"?

  • skarabeusz
    11.4.2016 1:00:44

    Is it possible to set the parameters in the "Place bet" under "Entry Criteria"?

  • skarabeusz
    23.2.2016 11:34:09

     OK - thank you for your help.

  • skarabeusz
    23.2.2016 0:37:30

    Betfair allows you to bet on "Set 2 Winner" - the following examples are from the "Betting Assistant".

    Can I count that the filter "Set 2 Winner" will be in the next version of the program "Bfexplorer"?