Tennis - how to filter only men?


Tennis - how to filter a list of matches to choose only men (no women and no doubles)?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • Stefan
    12.4.2016 11:40:41

    Unfortunately, there is no information whether a tournament is man's or woman's one, or singles or doubles one, in betfair api data, so you must filter it yourself manually by tournament name.

    In the Event Browser view, the tournament name is presented in Event Details column. You can filter or group by this column, so this way you can quicker navigate to matches you want to open.

    For doubles, there is / in Event name, right? For instance: Nedunchezhiyan/Nguyen v Chung/Yoo

    I believe you know that any data presented by bfexplorer in grid views can be sorted, grouped, filtered and searched. The filtering feature can be used for Event column by setting fallowing filter:

    Event Does not contain /

    What do you think the result will be?

    All double matches will be filtered out.

  • skarabeusz
    11.4.2016 22:19:52

    Thank you for the information.