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  • Stefan
    5.2.2021 11:33:38

    Your subscription code was correctly activated by betfair, and your subscription is valid till 8th Mrach 2021. 

    You can check your subscription status using My Subscription Details.

    Sir, do you understand that activation is done on betfair server not on mine one? In some cases it takes some time on betfair side, so your error message you recevied from betfair when activating subscription code describe the problem which occured on betfair side.

  • Stefan
    3.2.2021 16:02:41

    Sir, did you notice that at time you had tried to login, betfair exchange was down due to maintance?

    Kindly be aware that we will be conducting maintenance on our website tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd February 2021 from 08:40 – 09:40 GMT. During this time, the Betfair Exchange will not be available.

  • Stefan
    27.1.2021 10:36:59

    Bfexplorer app loads any data through betfair API, so when betfair changes its naming convention for racecourses, bfexplorer loads that data. For horse racing markets you can find this data in MarketInfo.BetEvent.Details (Open from the market context menu: Show Market data).

    When I develop custom bots for my users I programmed bots with entry parameters, it means that you must change values for such parameter in your bot settings only.

    Of course if your bot is programmed by using exact text for racecourse name then you must change it in your bot code.

  • Stefan
    26.1.2021 16:52:40

    What video do you mean, becuase the problem with embeded internet browser in apps is a little bit difficult? IE which is defauflt UI control for browsing Internet content in apps does not support streaming the betfair video stream is using.

    What I showed in one bespke app was using Edge UI control, still in beta version at the moment when I tested that.

    The link for Betfair Live Video:

    You can add it to your Web Browser view in bfexplorer app.

  • Stefan
    19.1.2021 21:39:05

    Bfexplorer does not force delayed data usage, but betfair does, it is betfair api data and service. Is it not clear for you?

    Please sir, read betfair T&C:

  • Stefan
    19.1.2021 12:36:18


    Just common sense: You have got nothing for free in the World. Betfair business plan is taking fees on winning bets up to 5% depending on from which country you are and on what markets you bet/trade on.

    If you do not bet, you do not generate fees, so profit for betfair. If you keep taking data through betfair api without betting, betfair will first turn your account api access to delayed api data, and later close your betfair account.


    At the moment you are trialing bfexplorer app for free. When your trial expires you can subscribe:

    Yes, I offered free community access before. My idea was to get free access to users popularizing my bfexplorer app, so posting on forum relevant information, helping this way other users. Unfortunately this never happened, and you can actually check on the forum why.

    If you are software developer yourself then I would give you free access when posting articles about bot strategy development. Yes, bfexplorer app is open platform for bot development:


  • Stefan
    19.1.2021 9:52:28

    Yes, bfexplorer offers the following bot strategies to close bet position which was not open by bot strategy itself:

    Close Selection Bet Position

    Close Selection Bet Position at Odds

    Close Market Bet Position

    Trailing Stop Loss

    Trailing Stop Loss on Market

  • Stefan
    19.11.2020 10:24:58

    Are you able to explain how exactly you will apply Kelly criteria in your staking plan?

  • Stefan
    7.11.2020 16:44:41

    Such informatin is not avaible in the live score data feed.

  • Stefan
    24.10.2020 11:36:16

    I have attached video from my test today. Football live score and football bot work without any problems. So there is question what is wrong with your computer?

  • Stefan
    19.10.2020 13:00:27

    You already created strategy bot, so all you need is to copy/clone it, and name it differently. I already said that bot executor creates execution loop by unique bot name.

  • Stefan
    15.10.2020 17:11:36

    You can add as many of favourite’s events as you want to, so create one for horse racing and the other for greyhound racing.

    You have got your bot strategy created, and so the tool “Strategy / Bot Executor” can be used on both events, just start your strategy first on horse racing markets and then on greyhound racing markets.

    As the “Strategy / Bot Executor” creates execution loop by strategy name you can run this way your strategy on whatever markets you want to.

    On the other hand in such case you cannot execute your strategy in fully automatic mode, so reloading markets each day automatically, because “Strategy / Bot Executor” needs to know which favourite event to reload.

    Yes, your strategy can be automated by console script, just search forum for such solutions.

  • Stefan
    15.10.2020 16:30:30

    You correctly identified bots to use in your strategy. Your strategy involves following steps to be executed:

    Evaluating entry conditions

    Placing lay bet

    Staking plan

    The entry criteria (conditions) are:

    Favourite traded between 2.0 and 3.0, and minimum number of runners 4.

    All bfexplorer bots offer Setup dialog with two panels: Strategy / Bot Parameters and Entry criteria. The first panel defines bot parameters for bet placing or trading, and the second panel defines entry criteria.

    If some entry criteria are defined and when market does not fulfil these entry criteria the bot is not executed. The evaluation of these entry criteria can be set to be executed just one time, by setting the parameter: EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce.  Otherwise the bot will repeat evaluation till criteria evaluation returns true value.

    As your strategy needs to use two bots the question is to which bot parameters we need to set entry criteria. Well yes, we can set them to both bots, there is no problem with such approach, but on the other hand we should create bot settings to be reusable. Such general reusable bot settings can be bot settings to lay set stake amount by taking what is offered.

    And as we need such “Place Bet” bot settings we can create “Place Bet” setting parameters:

    OfferMyBet: False (unchecked)

    BetType: Lay

    Stake: 2

    The rest of bot parameters we can leave with the default settings.

    We can name the bot settings: “Lay 2 Euro”, of course you can name the bot settings like you want to.

    The rest of bot strategy is about staking plan. Bfexplorer standard bot for applying staking plan is named: “Execute Till Target Profit”. Unfortunately this bot uses profit or loss target, not number of wins or losses in row.  From your strategy definition, you do not care about target profit, but as this parameter is mandatory we must set it to some reasonable number, so I set it to 100. The TargetLoss parameter is set to 9, as your stake liability from allowed odds range is maximal 4 from 2 stake amount.

    We need to set following parameters:

    BotName: Lay 2 Euro

    TargetProfit: 100

    TargetLoss: 9

    ResetStakingPlan: 10

    StopExecutionAtTime: -00:00:05

    SortSelectionsBy: Last price Traded

    ExecuteOnSelection: 1

    EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce: True (checked)

    And the Entry Criteria:

    NumberOfSelections Is greater or equal to 4

    LastPriceTraded Is between 2 and 3

    (Applying And Boolean operation)

    Finally we name this bot setting: My lay strategy

    Now it is time to test it in Practice Mode. We can open greyhound racing market and execute the bot manually. As the favourite was out of allowed odds range, no lay bet was placed, so I change LastPriceTraded Is between 2 and 5, and executed the bot again. The bot correctly identified the favourite and placed the lay bet.

    To execute this strategy fully automatically we need to use the tool “Strategy / Bot Executor”.

  • Stefan
    18.9.2020 15:49:07

    Sir, please read bfexplorer T&C:

    Simply said, you/bfexplorer user creates subcsription using your paypal account. When you do not want to use bfexplorer anymore then you must cancell your subscripition on your paypal account.

    Nor bfexplorer but paypal automatically takes subscription payments till you cancel it.

    Just common sense, how could I know that you do not want to use bfexplorer anymore? Well, yes I cannot know it, only you know it. 

    When looking for active subscription by your email: I could not find any entry, so really only you muist cancel your susbcription on your paypal account, or you must give me more personal detials to find your subscription nd cancel it.

  • Stefan
    17.8.2020 14:44:59

    I have just extended "Execute Till Target Profit" bot to be able to use "Place Dutching Bets" bot as the action bot.

    I have open results data to be accessed by console script, something like here:

    Save Market Data or Your Trading Results

  • Stefan
    17.8.2020 11:26:26

    The only requirements for action bot are to use StakeType: Stake option.

    Did you restart bfexplorer?

    Because bot “Execute Till Target Profit” records all results, and what you describe seems to be like bot used all previous results profit/loss not resetting previous results.

    For now, please do run strategy in practice mode only, to better understand what is going on. I think the Stake requirement is clear.

    As I mentioned before if you did not test this martingale strategy before for a longer period, then you should be aware of risk taken, because for couple days you can get fine results, but then will favorites start will in row and you can take big losses.

  • Stefan
    16.8.2020 15:14:09

    “Place Bet” bot settings:

    You actually mentioned a lot of parameters which have no meaning for your strategy, but you did not list the one I asked, so I believe you left default settings for StakeType, which is Stake by default, and you must use this setting in your strategy.

    Another default parameter is OfferMyBet which is set to True (checked), so your bot offers your bet, does not take what is offered.

    You run your strategy by Bot Executor, right? So in fully automated mode, then PlaceBetAtTime settings is redundant.

    “Execute Till Target Profit” bot settings:

    ExecuteAtTime is redundant. Yes, StopExecutionAtTime makes sense in this settings, because if previous bet is still not yet settled, it does not makes sense to continue waiting for bet settling after some time. On the other hand what you set there? And on what markets you run this strategy?

    I believe you mentioned greyhounds racing, and well you set StopExecutionAtTime to 00:01:00, so 1 minute after official race start time, and we both know that greyhounds racing are not in-play markets.

    SortSelectionsBy and ExecuteOnSelection do not make sense in your settings. This bot executes the action bot, what is “Place Bet” bot in your case, and this bot is already instructed to place lay bet on the favourite.

    So my question again, what you set for the parameter: StakeType? This is the only parameter settings which can influence stake amount. For instance if you set it to Liability, then your stake amount is calculated: stake / (price - 1.0)

  • Stefan
    16.8.2020 12:41:36

    What did you set for StakeType? That is the only problem you could make, because when you set StakeType to whatever else the Stake, your lay bet payout is different value, that is common sense.

  • Stefan
    16.8.2020 9:00:41

    The TargetLoss parameter stops bot execution when required loss is reached. It means that no bet will be placed.

    In your previous comment you said: “…but im unsure why im getting the results im getting. if i win the lay bet after losing a lay bet it takes my sum to breakeven, which i dont believe should be right? if my initial stake is $10 and it loses, then ill be down x amount of dollars but if the next bet wins it should stake accordingly to cover the loss plus add the additional stake …”

    So I made that video showing that staking plan is correct, as you can see in my video that third bet was losing on, loss -3.28, and the next bet won 5.28, so it means the lay bet was placed with stake amount: 5.28, so it covered previous loss 3.28 and added original stake 2.0. It means that staking plan is working correctly, and not the way you think/said, it works!

  • Stefan
    14.8.2020 13:46:16

    Here is video from my test, as you can see after loss, it is placed lost amount and default stake set by action bot, in my case it was 2 Euro.

    Just one hint, when you want to filter messages generated for exact market. Click right mouse button on selected market in Bot Executor, and from context menu click on “Show Output Messages”. This way you can simply see market messages and so what stake was used to place lay bet.