I still have some issues

Firstly: I don't want to cap the take profit. But I put 1200 as a high number. Same for Target loss.

I will play with them later.


I would like to load as many futures races as I can. Not all races. Example (All Australian horse races). But it could be greyhounds or any other type. I see in your video you can customize your favorites. But Im having trouble.


I have an error as soon as I start the bot. The race is tomorrow and it has no money traded yet. Could this be the problem?


Anyway I created an image of my problems.

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  • Betfair Bot
    15.10.2020 17:11:36

    You can add as many of favourite’s events as you want to, so create one for horse racing and the other for greyhound racing.

    You have got your bot strategy created, and so the tool “Strategy / Bot Executor” can be used on both events, just start your strategy first on horse racing markets and then on greyhound racing markets.

    As the “Strategy / Bot Executor” creates execution loop by strategy name you can run this way your strategy on whatever markets you want to.

    On the other hand in such case you cannot execute your strategy in fully automatic mode, so reloading markets each day automatically, because “Strategy / Bot Executor” needs to know which favourite event to reload.

    Yes, your strategy can be automated by console script, just search forum for such solutions.