I need help

I have now paid for support, I'd like you to help me setup the following and show me how to execute this on races. Ive never used your bot before so please give a step by step instruction:


A Place bet bot

Execute Till Target Profit



Minimum 4 runners

Lay bet 30 seconds before race starts

Lay $15 stake (Chase this + losses until sequence ends)

Only Lay the favorite if between $2 - $3

Stop sequence after 3 losses.

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  • Stefan
    15.10.2020 16:30:30

    You correctly identified bots to use in your strategy. Your strategy involves following steps to be executed:

    Evaluating entry conditions

    Placing lay bet

    Staking plan

    The entry criteria (conditions) are:

    Favourite traded between 2.0 and 3.0, and minimum number of runners 4.

    All bfexplorer bots offer Setup dialog with two panels: Strategy / Bot Parameters and Entry criteria. The first panel defines bot parameters for bet placing or trading, and the second panel defines entry criteria.

    If some entry criteria are defined and when market does not fulfil these entry criteria the bot is not executed. The evaluation of these entry criteria can be set to be executed just one time, by setting the parameter: EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce.  Otherwise the bot will repeat evaluation till criteria evaluation returns true value.

    As your strategy needs to use two bots the question is to which bot parameters we need to set entry criteria. Well yes, we can set them to both bots, there is no problem with such approach, but on the other hand we should create bot settings to be reusable. Such general reusable bot settings can be bot settings to lay set stake amount by taking what is offered.

    And as we need such “Place Bet” bot settings we can create “Place Bet” setting parameters:

    OfferMyBet: False (unchecked)

    BetType: Lay

    Stake: 2

    The rest of bot parameters we can leave with the default settings.

    We can name the bot settings: “Lay 2 Euro”, of course you can name the bot settings like you want to.

    The rest of bot strategy is about staking plan. Bfexplorer standard bot for applying staking plan is named: “Execute Till Target Profit”. Unfortunately this bot uses profit or loss target, not number of wins or losses in row.  From your strategy definition, you do not care about target profit, but as this parameter is mandatory we must set it to some reasonable number, so I set it to 100. The TargetLoss parameter is set to 9, as your stake liability from allowed odds range is maximal 4 from 2 stake amount.

    We need to set following parameters:

    BotName: Lay 2 Euro

    TargetProfit: 100

    TargetLoss: 9

    ResetStakingPlan: 10

    StopExecutionAtTime: -00:00:05

    SortSelectionsBy: Last price Traded

    ExecuteOnSelection: 1

    EvaluateEntryCriteriaOnlyOnce: True (checked)

    And the Entry Criteria:

    NumberOfSelections Is greater or equal to 4

    LastPriceTraded Is between 2 and 3

    (Applying And Boolean operation)

    Finally we name this bot setting: My lay strategy

    Now it is time to test it in Practice Mode. We can open greyhound racing market and execute the bot manually. As the favourite was out of allowed odds range, no lay bet was placed, so I change LastPriceTraded Is between 2 and 5, and executed the bot again. The bot correctly identified the favourite and placed the lay bet.

    To execute this strategy fully automatically we need to use the tool “Strategy / Bot Executor”.