Execute Till Target Profit

When editing the Execute Till Target Profit bot, under the Profit/Loss header, what is the definition for ResetStakingPlan and MartinggaleStakeFactor? and what do the numbers represent when entering them in?


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  • Betfair Bot
    12.8.2020 11:10:58

    When selecting above parameters in the Add/update bot dialog, the following descriptions are displayed.

    For MartingaleStakeFactor : Add previous loses to my stake. The default value is 1.0

    For ResetStakingPlan: Reset the staking plan after loses. The default value is 3.

    What cannot you understand from above sentences?

  • dnx444
    12.8.2020 13:02:46

    What I don't understand is, what does 1 in the martingale and 3 in the reset represent?

    does the 1 mean it only adds the losses going back one, so say there's multiple losses do I need to set it to 3 so it adds on 3 of the previous losses?

    with the resetting staking plan with the default of 3 means it only resets it 3 times?

  • Betfair Bot
    12.8.2020 19:56:46

    English is foreign language for me. I speak Slovak as my native language, I understand Czech, Polish, Russian and English, so from English dictionary – factor

    A number or quantity that when multiplied with another produces a given number or expression.

    "an amount that exceeds it by a factor of 1000 or more"

    So translating MartingaleStakeFactor is the number you can multiply by your total loss giving the stake amount in the next martingale bet.

    As 1 * 1 = 1, the default value for MartingaleStakeFactor means that your next stake is increased by your loss amount only.

    ResetStakingPlan means that after x losses in row (the default value is set to 3) the martingale staking plan is reset to original bet stake amount placed by your action bot.

    I actually attached illustration image found on the Internet, to illustrate what your strategy looks like in used staking plan, it is called: martingale.   

  • dnx444
    13.8.2020 11:44:55

    So with my trials today I setting the martingale as the defualt of 1. I was finding if the bet lost, the next bet would have a stake of what ever the total loss is. If that bet won, it would then bring the sum back to breakeven, where as I would prefer it to be a profit of what ever the initial lay stake is. 

    Would i need to make the martingale value 2? or is there a setting i am unaware of that will add the total loss to the stake to then give me profit?

  • Betfair Bot
    13.8.2020 12:12:38

    Any MartingaleStakeFactor > 1.0 gives you stake bigger than previous loss, and as the winning lay bet payout is equal to your stake it is really up to you what that factor value you set.

    Sir, I have got really bad feeling that you actually do not know what is your strategy about. Do you know what risk martingale strategy involves?   

  • dnx444
    13.8.2020 12:43:55

    So for example if my stake is $10, I need to make the martingale 10 as well?

    Yes im well aware of what it is about, had many years experience with it. At the moment not using real money for obvious reasons, and may not at all. I just trialling how the bots work with it

  • Betfair Bot
    13.8.2020 13:29:52

    Do you understand what multiplication means in mathematics?

    If your stake is 10, and you want to add 10% to new stake then 10.0 * 1.1 = 11.0

    If you set that parameter to 10.0, then 10.0 * 10.0 = 100.0


  • dnx444
    13.8.2020 14:18:36

    yeah yeah that makes sense, but im unsure why im getting the results im getting. if i win the lay bet after losing a lay bet it takes my sum to breakeven, which i dont believe should be right? if my initial stake is $10 and it loses, then ill be down x amount of dollars but if the next bet wins it should stake accordingly to cover the loss plus add the additional stake. So after winning the second bet the sum should be $10 as that is the stake size. does that make sense? so just wondering if im missing something or not?

  • Betfair Bot
    13.8.2020 18:45:47

    Yes, it is taken your action bot stake and as well lost amount in allowed streak (the parameter ResetStakingPlan) multiplited by MartingaleStakeFactor.

    So it is not taken entire lost amount, as staking plan is rest after consecutive loses defined by the parameter: ResetStakingPlan.

    Here is piece of my code:

    placeBetParameters.Stake <- placeBetParameters.Stake + addToStake

  • Betfair Bot
    14.8.2020 13:46:16

    Here is video from my test, as you can see after loss, it is placed lost amount and default stake set by action bot, in my case it was 2 Euro.

    Just one hint, when you want to filter messages generated for exact market. Click right mouse button on selected market in Bot Executor, and from context menu click on “Show Output Messages”. This way you can simply see market messages and so what stake was used to place lay bet.