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  • Stefan
    6.5.2024 17:30:29

    Try now. When you pay donation I must active api access manually.

  • Stefan
    26.4.2024 15:55:39

    There is no performance difference in using betfair api, by the way of bfexplorer app login to betfair.

    On the other hand when you use two factor authentication, then you must use web page login feature. Web page login must be used from Netherlands or Denmark (NemID) if I remember that correctly because in the login process it is included ID authentication which is required by law for all users using betting web sites.

    I think now I understand your issues maybe, so you leave bfexplorer app running for entire day, or hibernate your computer with running bfexplorer app.

    Bfexplorer app keeps your login session active every 15 minute. If you hibernate your computer and reactivate it again, if the login session is still active app can successfully run any api call again. If you want to run bfexplorer app for days, then better to switch off any possibility your computer is turn to hibernation or save battery mode when running on laptop.

    In some cases betfair api can be down for maintenance or there are some issues with befair api, when login session is still active bfexplorer app can automatically run even after minutes or hours of betfair servers were down, but for this feature you must login by login dialog, not by web page login, simply because app when needed will re-login to betfair again to retrieve a new api session token.

  • Stefan
    26.4.2024 0:10:21

    I constantly work on new feature for bfexplorer app. The latest version can be found here: 2024 Preview

    Not on the download page. I have just added to the Login dialog show password button, when clicking on it (the button is at the right end of the password entry box).

    Please install this latest version so we can be sure you entered correct password.

  • Stefan
    25.4.2024 16:42:58

    There are restrictions for login to betfair account using betfair api for residents of these countries: Australia, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Romania.

    These users cannot login by using International User, they must select the exact jurisdiction in the ‘Login for’ entry.

    If you are using two factor authentication when login to betfair then you must switch on, in the Application / Settings / Use web page login, then when Login, the bfexplorer app offers to use web page for login.

    In my reports I can see that your api access was created, and without successfully login such access cannot be created, so it means you managed to login with the bfexplorer app.

  • Stefan
    29.3.2024 9:13:36

    LastPriceTraded and you must run Cancel Strategies on Selection on all selections. 

    The other alternative is write your own custom trigger bot script.

  • Stefan
    15.2.2024 13:50:02

    Any updates are done to Bfexplorer 2024 Preview only.


  • Stefan
    3.2.2024 13:55:11

    When compiling you certainly have got errors, so just read the errors and try to fix the problem.

    The same project is included to my bfexplorer app solution, just to check possible compatibility issues if I had changed anything in the code base of the SDK. I have got no compiling errors for this project.

    I did not yet released SDK for preview version which is build on .net 7/8.

  • Stefan
    3.2.2024 13:49:10

    Yes, use web page to login, in the Application / Settings, then when login you will use betfair web page login dialog with two factor authentication. 

  • Stefan
    21.12.2023 16:29:15

    There are two versions of bfexplorer apps. The old version released on 28th March 2023. This app version is built on .net framework 4.8

    The latest version I call the preview is relaesed o .net 7, and you can install it from the link above, from my dropbox drive.

    This preview version contains the latest version of new bot stratregies like the one described in this post: Execute Strategy Rules Bot

  • Stefan
    3.12.2023 15:47:54


    Open Task Manager and check how much CPU and Memory your bfexplorer app uses on your desktop pc. Bfexplorer uses really small amount of CPU but used memory depends on how much markets you open, or how many bot strategies you executes concurrently.

    When using Strategy Bot Executor tool, markets are monitored only from set time and when bot strategy ends its execution the market monitoring is automatically stopped.

  • Stefan
    30.10.2023 18:22:04

    OK, try now on your second account: Locadia

    If you want to test new version of bfexplorer then install from here:


  • Stefan
    30.10.2023 15:20:30

    Please,  just try to login again with bfexplorer app. Your subscription code should be created automatically. The subscription code activation could take some time as all is done through betfair api on betfair servers. 

    Let me know when having any problems.

  • Stefan
    25.8.2023 15:19:12

    Quite strange:

    I am looking for an experienced F# programmer to assist me with a project involving Betfair. Specifically, my project requires a script that can be run on Betfair’s bf explorer. The script needs to have the capability to place bets, based on a detailed strategy I have in place. My end goal is to efficiently place bets and manage them without too much hassle. I am expecting that the total timeline from start to finish should be less than two weeks for this project. The successful freelancer will have extensive knowledge and experience in F# programming as well as Betfair.Applicants with prior experience with using bfexplorer on Betfair are strongly encouraged to apply. Do you think you are a good fit for this project? I look forward to hearing from you soon!


  • Stefan
    18.8.2023 23:16:42

    When open Execute Trigger Strategy dialog, either by adding or updating the strategy, select TriggerParameters and in the right column click on …

    Trigger Parameters dialog appears and there type:


    and to other column:


    Select BotName/StrategyName and in next column click on …

    Here you can choose your strategy, of course you must create such strategy before, using any of existing strategies like Place Bet and so on.

    The strategies represents exact betting or trading strategy you can parameterized by entering different values to available strategy parameters.

    Execute Trigger Strategy just triggers execution on dedicated selection/s, and what is executed is defined by the parameter: BotName/StrategyName

  • Stefan
    18.8.2023 15:37:52

    HorseRacingCsvSelectionBotTrigger loads csv file where you define selection name (horse name) and strategy to execute on this selection/horse.

    CSV file must use ; as the field separator.

    Yes, if no data are in csv file or there is no selection with set horse name then bot execution does nothing, ends execution.

  • Stefan
    18.8.2023 15:37:28

    MySelectionsBotTrigger script is simpler one. The csv file contains just selection names, so loads the file defined by parameter CsvFile, you put there the full path name of the cvs file.

    If on a market there is your selection/s then strategy is executed on those selections. The strategy is set by BotName/StrategyName in the Bot/Strategy dialog.

    I do not remember for whom I made those two scripts, but the functionality of any script/code can be known by reading the code. If you wan to learn exactly what is going on when the script code is executed, you should build bot assembly from the script, then you can debug the code, like I do here:

    All scripts were programmed to the old version of bfexplorer.

    The preview release have a problem with compiling the script, so you actually have to use the second path of bot execution, so making from the script the bot assembly you can execute with the Execute Trigger Strategy.

  • Stefan
    17.8.2023 20:58:05

    May I ask for link to the bot script are you trying to use?

  • Stefan
    30.5.2023 11:32:29

    I already shared an article explaining how you can manually initiate the Stop Strategies and Cancel Bets bot in markets that don't have an active score feed.

    I'm curious, do you have any difficulties understanding written text?

  • Stefan
    27.5.2023 17:30:43

    Please read the following article to understand the process of manually stopping and canceling bets on markets that do not have a live score feed.

  • Stefan
    27.5.2023 10:22:46

    Vy ste sa informovali o FootballBote, robote, ktorý sa spolieha na živé výsledky zápasov, a vyjadrili ste otázku týkajúcu sa jeho fungovania na trhoch, kde takéto výsledky nie sú dostupné. Táto otázka pôsobí nezvyčajne, pretože predpokladá, že robot sa používa na trhoch bez prístupu k živým aktualizáciám výsledkov.

    Odporúčam spúšťať tohto robota výhradne na udalostiach, ktoré sú pokryté živými výsledkami od Betfairu, s dôrazom na hlavné európske ligy.

    Nepreveril som dostupnosť živých výsledkov pre všetky futbalové udalosti ponúkané Betfairom.

    Ak sa vaša otázka týka zastavenia už spustených alebo bežiacich robotov na trhoch, kde nie sú dostupné živé výsledky, a pôvodne ste očakávali, že takéto výsledky budú k dispozícii, riešenie tejto situácie je komplexné. Neexistuje priamočiary spôsob, ako vás informovať, že živé výsledky nie sú k dispozícii.