Bfexplorer Free Trial Terms and Conditions

Free Trial Terms and Conditions

  • You must be an active betfair account holder to be qualified to use bfexplorer. If you are not yet betfair account holder you can create your Betfair Account.
  • With your first login to betfair, bfexplorer activates your betfair api access, this can take just couple seconds or minutes. Repeat your login couple minutes later if with your first login you did not get access to betfair api.
  • Your free trial period is activated for 7 days.
  • Your bfexplorer forum account is created with the initial password: passw0rd. Later you can login to your bfexplorer account and change your password and forum name.
  • After your trial expires you can use bfexplorer with limited features till you are active Bfexplorer Community User.

By downloading and installing bfexplorer you agree to its terms and conditions. Please read the following risk notice to ensure that you fully understand any risk before you use bfexplorer. Read this short tutorial to setup your bfexplorer.

I have read and accept Bfexplorer Terms and Conditions.

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