Bfexplorer Tutorial


Add your favourite events

Betfair offers hundreds of events you can bet on, but most of us bet or trade just on our favourite’s ones, for me it is football (soccer), tennis and horse racing.

Adding my favourite event


Setup your application layout and theme

Bfexplorer presents betfair data in dockable views, you can arrange so setup your application workspace according to your needs. If you trade manually, then you prefer ladders (Use Bet Event Trader.

If you are bot operator, then you can use market grid to place your bets (Bet Event View), or execute your bots manually.

If you are bot operator running fully automated bot strategies, then you will use Bot Executor view, so your workspace can be set to reflect your needs.

Any application layout can be saved, and bfexplorer restores the last used at its start up.

Intuitive and Customizable User Interface

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