How to cancel all unmatched orders on the market/selection by bot?


I need some help.

Heh... It looks like an easy task but I can't figure out how to do that... I need to cancel all unmatched orders on the market/selection.

Also, I've got another question. How to place orders at all selections in the market at once? For example, there are 25 selections(Horse Race) and I want to lay at 1.1 on every selection. I see there's a bot named "Place Bet" but it can only place bets on specific selection so does it mean that I need to make 25 bots for that task?

It would be nice if there was an option that I can tick and make the bot to place the order at all selections at the market.

Any help would be appreciated.


Updated by Stefan:

Here is the video preview of your bot trigger. It offers two parameters LayOdds and LayStake, by default are set to 10.0 @ 1.1 The offset bet as you call it, in bfexplorer terminology Hedge bet is managed by action bot entered by parameter BotName. This approach allows to setup different types of bots for closing a bet position on a selection.

It was not required but depending on the lay odds you enter it could happen that at one moment can be matched lay bets on more than one selection; the bot trigger manages such situations as well.

Download “Horse Racing Trade First Favourite Bot Trigger” script if you want to test it or build your own script from it.

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  • Stefan
    24.9.2015 21:05:13

    Miro, I think you do not understand a concept of bfexplorer bots which offers different functionality in each of them.  To close a bet position on a selection there are:

    "Close Selection Bet Position"
    "Close Selection Bet Position At Odds"
    "Trailing Stop Loss"

    None of them repeats a functionality of another one. The last two mentioned bots could be combined to create a new bot to close bet position with set Loss, and Profit target.

  • Ilya Nikol
    24.9.2015 21:18:28


    Stefan, if you look at the trading statistic of any trading broker you'll see that 95% of all "retail/individual" traders are losing their money and the rest 5% traders will lose their money soon. : - ) Just give them some time. : -)


    The only who makes money in the trading it’s "institutional" traders because they have enough money to manipulate market and they posses "insider" information.


    Believe me, you have 100 times more chances to make money with your coding skills or from selling your BFexploer platforms to other traders who are searching for luck.  : - )


    With all efforts that you ready to put in your platform BFexplorer already could be more popular than any other trading software but you just don't know what to do. : - )


    I see that the amount of Betfair traders isn't huge and there are other trading platforms but anyway you easily could do much better than you do now and with much less efforts. : - )

    I see how much efforts you are ready to put into developing of BFexplorer and as I said if you knew what to do you could have already the best trading software. : - ) 


    P.S. but it needs to be said I'm not a programmer so some things could looks easy to me but I can be wrong. : - )

  • Mir.
    24.9.2015 21:29:53

    Sorry, but really don't understand.

    I understand what the bot does, but don't understand why stop-loss is only in profit. This functionality is good (why not) but only as extension.

    A lot of confusion but there is not described how it works. Exactly!

    Manual HOW IT WORKS!



  • Stefan
    24.9.2015 21:42:43

    Ilya, your assumptions are wrong when thinking about betfair market and products for them. Just do your research, and you will find out that most vendors are ISV (one person “companies”, better to say enthusiasts) There are some attempts of software house/s to enter this market, with the same wrong assumption they can make big money. The same wrong assumption you have got about betfair and their R&D.

    Funny enough to mention the fact that we had to pay them for api access and they used us to test new things or get them feedback for free.

  • Stefan
    24.9.2015 21:45:51

    Miro, I think that is a good question for Ilya, he has more experience on trading on financial markets as well, and if I am not mistaken trailing stop loss works this way on financial markets as well.

  • Mir.
    24.9.2015 21:56:23


    BTW: Profit

    what does it mean in profit? Net profit on this selection? Or profit made by the bets from all other selections... etc.

    Here is many bot which used Profit but profit is not same profit...


    I'm not smart enough to know at a glance what profit is used by bot IfThenElse or Execute Till Target Profit.
    (nowhere explained - I must try it or make idiot myself on the forum...and ask on it) What is frustrating less for customers?


  • Ilya Nikol
    24.9.2015 21:57:29


    Stefan, "institutional" traders don't buy any software from vendors they have enough resources to develop their own software which would suite their need much better.


    The only who buys software from vendors are "retail/individual" traders.


  • Ilya Nikol
    24.9.2015 22:02:59


    P.S. I think we are talking about different things. I’m talking about the trading and you are talking about software developing : - )


  • Stefan
    25.9.2015 12:44:09

    Miro, how is the bot presented in Market Bots view when running?

    It is presented as a Selection Bot, in the column Selection there is a selection name on which the bot is running. It means that Profit value is a current selection profit balance you can see as red or green value presented on close buttons, or anywhere in bfexplorer user interface (Watched Selections, Ladders, Market Selections buttons, or Bet Event selection buttons)

    I believe you already figured out that if you click on green or red button/rectangle anywhere in bfexplorer, the selection bet position is hedged to this value.

    There is only one bot running on market and its profit value is associated with market profit balance, the bot name is: Close Market Bet Position.

    ProfitBalance parameter can be found in criteria editors as well; in these editors I will change naming convention adding Selection to the parameter name.

    It would be a good idea if you post separate article if you need to discuss specific bot functionality. Discussion to this article is more chitchat than anything useful.

    I think you found out that I added Comments page:

    And we all just read those comments without adding useful information to the theme of the original article.