How to cancel all unmatched orders on the market/selection by bot?


I need some help.

Heh... It looks like an easy task but I can't figure out how to do that... I need to cancel all unmatched orders on the market/selection.

Also, I've got another question. How to place orders at all selections in the market at once? For example, there are 25 selections(Horse Race) and I want to lay at 1.1 on every selection. I see there's a bot named "Place Bet" but it can only place bets on specific selection so does it mean that I need to make 25 bots for that task?

It would be nice if there was an option that I can tick and make the bot to place the order at all selections at the market.

Any help would be appreciated.


Updated by Stefan:

Here is the video preview of your bot trigger. It offers two parameters LayOdds and LayStake, by default are set to 10.0 @ 1.1 The offset bet as you call it, in bfexplorer terminology Hedge bet is managed by action bot entered by parameter BotName. This approach allows to setup different types of bots for closing a bet position on a selection.

It was not required but depending on the lay odds you enter it could happen that at one moment can be matched lay bets on more than one selection; the bot trigger manages such situations as well.

Download “Horse Racing Trade First Favourite Bot Trigger” script if you want to test it or build your own script from it.

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  • Ilya Nikol
    22.9.2015 9:30:36


    Stefan, here's an example of efficient and simple interface which has functional that is vital for trading.


    Heh, I don't "reinvent the wheel" here and such interface is well known and it's proved to be very efficient  by time and also it's important that all traders are familiar with such interface so it won't take much time to them to get use it.



    Here how the new order window should look like:


    It might look like this  –




    Let's say you decide to attached "Take Profit" and "Stop Loss" to the order so you just "tick" those options and two additional windows should open where you can configure "Take Profit" and "Stop Loss" orders.


    It might look like this  -




    Let's say you created few orders that way and those orders should be placed into separate window where you can see their status and where you can cancel or modify them by one click. I want to stress that it's very important to have the ability to modify and cancel them just by one click. It might look like this:


    It might look this  –




    As I already said only when such vital functional for trading is present then you can start to look at the automation trade/bots capabilities.


    The first thing what traders do when they start to learn the trading platform is they look for such functional and they should be able to easily find it and easily configure it even with with the minimal programing skills because traders aren't programmers : - )


  • Ilya Nikol
    22.9.2015 10:00:36


    Here's some logic behind the decision when to place each type of order.


    For example, you place an order with "Take Profi" and "Stop Loss" attached to it.


    When the initial order is matched then the "Take Profit" order should be placed.


    If the price reaches the price of the "Stop Loss" order then the "Stop Loss" should be placed.


    When the "Stop Loss" is matches then the "Take Profit" order should be canceled.


    Of course, there should be an ability to configure how to handle partial fills.


  • Ilya Nikol
    22.9.2015 10:08:38


    P.S. and of course when the "Take Profit" order is matched then the "Stop Loss" order should be canceled : - )


  • Stefan
    22.9.2015 12:06:19

    Thanks Ilya, your last comments shed more light on areas where you are an expert in.

    I am sorry for forgetting other betair apps you had might tested as well, and am interested in your opinion about them. The first one BeTrader, this app was and maybe is the best app for trading on betfair market, at least that was such opinion of betfairians couple years back.

    Market feeder, the best app for automated trading and as the activity on their forum could suggest, this app is most loved app by Russian users as well. Betfair says about this app:

    Triggered Betting - A new language that bettors already speak, more and more Betfair users discover triggered betting these days. A trigger is any set of instructions that result in something done upon certain conditions. Many bots offer it, it presents loads of new profit-making opportunities, and it saves you time and money.

    I think other users here used this app already and I am interested in their opinion too.

  • Ilya Nikol
    22.9.2015 13:08:56


    BetTrader is very primitive and the official Betfair site offer almost the same functionality just for free as BetTrader software offers and some additional functionality that BetTrader offers can only attract very unexperienced traders that only start to learn trading and if you are more or less experience trader then you understand that all that stuff is useless for the trading.


    Heh... when I watch some videos where someone do manual trade at the ladder and tries to convince you that you can profit from it then it always makes me smile because as I said only very unexpired trader can think that it's really possible to profit from such trade.


    It's just waste of time to invest your efforts to improve the manual trade at the ladder but many trading platforms represent it as the key features and it's just ridiculous.   


    In my opinion Marker Feeder and Bet Angel are the best trading platforms for Betfair but it doesn't mean that those platforms are the end of your dreams and a lot of things in them can be improved and to say honestly those platforms are not to far away from BFexplorer and with some improvements BFexplorer can easly "catch" them. 

    Stefan, if you remember I was looking for "BetView" functional but I need it not to use in my manual trading but I need to have "better" view on the market in hope to find any trading opportunities which later can be used in automation trading.


  • Ilya Nikol
    22.9.2015 14:27:54


    Here's an example of how the most efficient order management interface should look like.


    There are should be 2 windows: 1) Unmatched Orders and 2) Matches Orders


    The structure of the Unmatched Order Window should look like that –


    And the structure of the Matched Order Window should look the same.


  • Stefan
    22.9.2015 14:35:38

    You said that Market Feeder and Bet Angel are the best trading platforms, but what make them the best platform for betfair trading. I maybe miss something important for common betfair app user, would you like to describe the best feature for each of those apps?

    For any betfair app you can find a lot of videos on youtube, so maybe just show us the video presenting the best feature of Market Feeder and Bet Angel.

  • Mir.
    22.9.2015 14:50:29

    God bless Ilya Nikol!




    Without irony, really!

    I sometimes weary explaining the daily work on the markets and efforts to improve them. I gave up customization of bfexplorer for manual trading. I have a lifetime license to GeeksToy and MarketFeederPro. Why would I want to do something more complicated, is not it?


    Ilya Nikol welcome!

    You can explain improvements in other words, and you'll be understood.

  • Ilya Nikol
    22.9.2015 14:54:56


    For me they are best because they have some basic and essential stuff for the trading:


    1) You can create an order and attach "Take Profit" and "Stop Loss" to it and takes just few clicks to do that and the only thing you need to do is just enter values for the initial order, "Take Profit" and "Stop Loss" orders that's all. The initial order is always chained with "Take Profit" and "Stop Loss" and you can modify and cancel all of them at one click.


    2) Those platforms have the order management interface so you can manage all your orders at any time cancel them or modify them.


    Also those platforms have very good automation/bot capability and you don't need to be a programmer to use them.


  • Ilya Nikol
    22.9.2015 15:03:14


    Mir, I apologize but I didn't get what you said about in your previus post probably

    because my English isn't good enough : - ) so please can you clarify a bit what did you mean : - )