Changing/Customizing Ladder User Interface


I've used several programs for trading and what you caught my attention in recent times was the Bfexplorer by their difference in terms of layout and Bot's, I am quite interested in buying.

But I'm used to using another order on the stairs, unfortunately I cannot change it, wanted to put back up and lay down, it is possible?


Yes, it is possible you can simply drag a ladder column and drop it to desired position, changing this way ladder appearance. You can do the same from Trading Ladder settings dialog, click on the menu item: Application / Settings / Trading Ladder, here you can change order of columns in your ladder, switch on/off selected columns, or change the number of ladders.

You can switch on/off drag & drop when updating bets. If this feature is off you can place multiple bets by dragging mouse from odds to odds, then bets will be placed in odds range.

You can execute selected bot from ladder, or use My Ladder category for bots, in such case such tagged bots appears in ladder context menu so again you can execute them from ladder. When a bot is executed from ladder it takes stake, bet type, odds parameters from a ladder click. This feature is presented on many videos on this forum.