Market Charts View

Set update rate and choose selections you want to present in the market charts view.

Portrait Layout

I use different workspace layout when trading different sport events on betfair. The portrait layout needs to turn your display, but then you can get quite big range of prices on one ladder, so a trading indicator bot can display prices for other selections as well.

Bot executor

If your strategy needs to execute a triggered betfair bot, just couple seconds before a market start time, then you should use Bot Executor tool, and if you manually select your market selections then you should use Bot Executor for Selections tool.

My Betfair Bots

You can use betfair bots if your trading strategy is suitable for automation or conditional trigger betting and trading. Bfexplorer offers following betfair bots: Place bet Be the first in queue Fill or kill Close selection bet position Close selection bot position at odds Place bet and ...

Case Study 23 - Execute a one click 15% edge from a back

From Bet Angel forum: Can Bet Angel Pro execute a one click 15% edge from a backing a horse. I`m looking at a tick offset off 15% hedge on the back stack that can be carried forward into the in play horse market if necessary. Bfexplorer Solution: Bfexplorer trading bot is called: “Place bet ...

Tennis - STOP program if PROFIT

Hi, How to set the following condition: IF "X" Euros profit then the STOP program. Thank you in advance for your help.

Betfair Football Model Bot

In following days I am about to start building my own model for football betting or trading on betfair markets. My first step was to implement betfair bot integrated to bfexplorer infrastructure so I can execute it manually on selected markets or using Bot Executor on all football markets. My bot ...

Case Study 15 - Lay higher than the current best offer

From forum: Dobrý večer, prosím o radu. Jak mám vsadit vyšší lay, než aktuálně nabízený. Nebo lépe řečeno, současný lay je 3.00 a já chci vsadit pouze v případě, že lay bude 5.00. Pokud tuto ...

Profit/Loss - Trailing feature

Here is screen of my trading by Bot Executor automation. Trading without any correction by human operator!   Now I set Close Market Bet Position bot - close: 10 sec before official race start OR at Euro 10 Profit.I see that results can be more positive because many times (everytime) P/L ...

Custom bot script - 4. - ProfitBalance

Hi, I have a problem with valuation of my trading systems (trading = a many bets on selection not only one bet or one trade cycle) --------------------- Bet Event Trader vs. Bot ExecutorThe same bot ran in Bot Executor and in Bet Event Trader at the same ...