Horse Racing - Oddschecker Favourite Trigger

Here is my video presenting three bots, the first two bots show how oddschecker data are used and the last one is just helper bot showing the favourite horse/selection.

“Show Oddschecker Selections Trading Indicators”, this bot loads prices data from oddschecker and shows on all ladders maximal and minimal bookmakers prices.

“Horse Racing Oddschecker Favourite Trigger”, this bot load history of bookmaker prices for set number of favourites, then depending on horse price trend, when the first favourite declared by bookmaker is equal to the favourite on betfair, the bot triggers action bot set by IfThenBotName parameter, otherwise by IfElseBotName parameter.

The last “Watch Favourite” as mentioned just shows the first favourite/switches it automatically into the ladder and reports its name and price/odds when the horse becomes favourite one.

In the race we can watch in my video, there were sixth changes of favourite, where just two horses were fighting for victory, the winning horse won at favourite odds 2.0 and 4 times loss/won favouritism.