My Fill or Kill Trading Bot

From Bet Angel forum: Automatically green up 5 seconds after manually placed bet has been matched

What is the best way to automatically green up 5 seconds after a manually placed bet has been matched. Is this done via automation or via guardian?

Below is what should ideally happen:

1) Back bet is manually placed

2) Back bet is matched (fill or kill)

3) Wait 5 seconds

4) Automatically green up (using optimized green up)

5) The green up should happen only after a bet has been matched.

If you could help out or point me in the right direction that would be great!


Bfexplorer Solution:

Any bfexplorer bot can be executed manually or fully automatically using “Bot Executor” or “Bot Executor for Selections”, what are tools similar to Bet Angel Guardian.

To execute a bot by clicking on ladder, choose/select your bot in “Bots to Execute” view, and activate “Use Ladder” option.

Now instead of placing bet when clicking on ladder, your selected bot is executed. Executing your bots by clicking on ladder have another advantage, depending on used bot, such click on ladder defines price/odds, bet type and stake and stake type, so even your bot settings declares your fill or kill bot places the back bet, in my video we can see that when clicking on a price/odds in the To Lay column, the bot placed 10 Euro lay bet, lay bet because I clicked on “To Lay” column, and 10 Euro Stake type, because my global settings is set so.

How we can create the trading strategy bot, the user from Bet Angel forum requested?

Bfexplorer offers base bots that could be combined, so when sequentially executed such base bots settings create a new bot. In our case we will use 3 bots:

Fill or Kill

Close Selection Bet Position

Sequence Execution

 “Fill or Kill” bot will place our opening bet, we set these parameters: BetType Back, Stake 10, BetMatchingTimeout 00:00:05, and we name our bot settings: “Fill or kill 10 Euro”

“Close Selection Bet Position” bot will close our bet position for 1 tick profit, we set these parameters: ProfitLossType Ticks, Profit 1, Loss 0 (0 means the bot will not hedge bet to loss, if you want to hedge-close bet position in Loss as well, then set this parameter), WaitForValidBetPosition Unchecked (set to False), ClosePositionImmediatly Checked (set to True), UseSharedBetPosition Checked (set to True), and we name our bot settings: “Close 1 tick profit”

WaitForValidBetPosition and UseSharedBetPosition parameters are important for our strategy. Because “Fill or Kill” bot can placed a bet, or cancelled it after BetMatchingTimeout expires, without un-checking WaitForValidBetPosition parameter “Close 1 tick profit” would remain active, even when now bet was placed.

UseSharedBetPosition must be set to True (checked), because we want to execute our trading bot many times on the same selection maybe. This setting tells to our “Close Selection Bet Position” bot that the bet position from previous running bot should be used from global bet positon on selection.

So we have got two parts of our trading bot set up, now we can put them together by using “Sequence Execution”, adding BotNames in the sequence the bots must be executed so: Fill or kill 10 Euro;Close 1 tick profit

We set the parameter ShareBetPosition Checked (set to True), this means that “Sequence Execution” will take bet position from previos running bot so from bot: “Fill or kill 10 Euro”, and sets the bet position for: “Close 1 tick profit”. This setting will ensure that our trading bot will close bet position only for “Fill or kill 10 Euro” placed bet.

We name our bot: “My fill or kill trading bot”, and now we are ready to use “My fill or kill trading bot” either manually excuting it by click on ladder, when “Use Ladder” is activated, or using our bot fully automatically executing it on all markets added to “Bot Executor” tool.