Betfair Tennis Trading Automation

What is your daily routine when trading tennis matches on betfair? First, you may spend some time on selecting tournaments and players you will watch for potential trading opportunity, then you may learn more about players form on ATP web site, or tipster web sites, so you do your daily routine ...

Betfair Tennis Trading and Tools

For tennis trading I use this type of layout. To open markets which are already in-play, Tennis Score tool can be used just by double clicking on a match the match in automatically open in bfexplorer.  Mostly I trade on ATP matches only, so similar like in any bfexplorer grid view we can ...

Betfair Bot Projects and Bot Execution Tools

Last couple of days I have been working on three bot projects for one of my professional subscriber. All bot projects involve external data retrieval for market bet selections. One project is for football trading and other two for tennis trading. When developing bot strategies I am used to test ...

Tennis - close selection bet if score... - an additional condition

Hi, In the "Tennis BOT", we can set the condition, when should buy a bet.For the program you need to add an additional condition: "close selection bet if score...".I will explain this with an example:1. Tennis In-Play2. BOT buys bet if a tennis match is the result:      ...

Tennis - Excel monitors all matches

Hi, How to do it - Excel spreadsheet (InPlay) should monitor all the matches from the list: Thank you in advance for your help. * Edited by Stefan, 13.4.2016 Download “TennisDataToSpreadsheet” bot trigger, if you want to test it.

Case Study 22 - How to delay bets in tennis

From Bet Angel forum: I am working on tennis bot, but my main problem is unsettled markets. In tennis after each point there is a few seconds of chaos as you know, odds moving up and down to find the right places. How can I make my bot wait a few seconds before placing a bet? Bfexplorer ...


Hi guys! I got some ideas about how this bot can be improved so we can get the most out of it. First, when I open up the TENNIS SCORE tool and I look at the player serving, it shows a green line representing that, but my problem is - this line moves to the corresponding server when the first point ...

Tennis - how to filter only men?

Hi, Tennis - how to filter a list of matches to choose only men (no women and no doubles)? Thank you in advance for your help.

Tennis - STOP program if PROFIT

Hi, How to set the following condition: IF "X" Euros profit then the STOP program. Thank you in advance for your help.

Tennis - Market types: Set 2 Winners - how to filter?

Hi, Market types: Set 2 Winners - how to filter?