Hi guys!

I got some ideas about how this bot can be improved so we can get the most out of it.

First, when I open up the TENNIS SCORE tool and I look at the player serving, it shows a green line representing that, but my problem is - this line moves to the corresponding server when the first point of the game is scored. So, are bot’s criteria and parameters lined up with this?

Because, if I want, for example, to back the server (using a bot), the price would have already moved prior to the bot execution (at 15-0/0-15) and I would miss a chunk of it (due to other bots, courtsiders etc.), implying there’s a 5 seconds bet placement delay.

So, I think it’d be better that Bfexplorer would knew the server when the previous game has ended and not when the next game starts or the first point gets scored - to keep it in line with price movements. I hope I made myself clear.

Next, I think there should be implemented some criteria for breaks, so bots can be triggered by that important event. I don’t really have a clear idea about how can this be done. Maybe something like Bfexplorer registering in the background the breaks categorized on sets. Something like “if player X is serving and the game ends in his detriment then player X was broken and player Y broke”. Then we can set up the bot like “if player Y broke then lay or back”.

Last, would be nice to have the choice to pin or unpin My Tools. For now they are always pinned when active.

I’m waiting suggestions from others about how can this be tweaked to better serve these needs (criteria based on breaks and their order in sets). I think it would be useful and make the software kind of unique from this perspective.


Can I use swear words?

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  • Stefan
    9.4.2016 12:46:19

    Yes, that is the betfair api behavior, the serving flag is not changed immediately after ending game. If you want to proceed with players break identification, then you should suggest how to calculate correct break numbers judged from games score in a set.

    Unfortunately, it seems that betfair api is/was not designed by developers who make data model and set of api methods the way, we betfair applications developers would need and use.

  • Lacoste
    10.4.2016 16:22:58

    Stefan, consider this!

    I think these conditions identify what I need, but not all break situations. It seems head-spinning to create all situations only based on game score.

    It shows first break scored in a set and the second break - taking into account who broke first.

  • Stefan
    10.4.2016 19:05:29

    It would be better if you prepare general formula to calculate number of breaks, or better to say difference in breaks. Anytime this number changes it is either a newer player break, or re-break, right?

  • Lacoste
    11.4.2016 15:53:46

    “Anytime this number changes it is either a newer player break, or re-break, right?” Yes.

    Everytime first page conditions are applied, a break occurs, but only if this break happens as both players are on serve (there’s no advantage/disadvantage in breaks).

    Let’s say the score goes: 1-0 (P1 hold), 1-1 (P2 hold), 2-1 (P1 hold), 3-1 (P1 break) - this break is registered by 1st page conditions - 4-1 (P1 hold), 4-2 (P2 hold), 4-3 (P2 break) - this break is registered by 2nd page conditions and now conditions are reset - 5-3 (P1 break) - again this break is registered by 1st page conditions - 5-4 (P2 break) - again this break is registered by 2nd page conditions - and so on…

    Another situation: 1-0 (P1 hold), 2-0 (P1 break) - 1st page conditions - 3-0 (P1 hold), 4-0 (P1 break) - this break is registered by 2nd page conditions - from now on if P1 breaks again will not be registered by my conditions, but if P2 breaks before P1 gets another break then page 2 conditions are waiting for another break that will be registered.

    Page 2 conditions are applied when there is a re-break or the player gets the second break advantage. If there’s a difference bigger than one break beetween players, it won’t be triggered.

    Maybe if you put parameters like PointsScore, PlayerServing and criteria to set up difference beetween GamesScore (based on players) or Player1SetScore / Player2SetScore / Player1GameScore / Player2GameScore / Player1Serving etc. and conditional criteria.

    I’m thinking this to be used by other traders.


  • Stefan
    11.4.2016 21:42:46

    I have just released the latest version of bfexplorer adding PointsScore and PlayerServingIndex parameters to Tennis Bot.

    Do you know that you can add multi value for all score parameters? For instance PointsScore: 0 - 30;15 - 30

  • Lacoste
    11.4.2016 21:38:51

    Nice. I'll try to set up my bots using existing parameters/criteria and come back to say how it went.