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  • Mikus79
    28.4.2016 22:48:17

    Few other sites with livescores to look at:

  • Mikus79
    27.4.2016 12:55:57



    The following sites are quick as

    and most bookmakers sites epecially and

  • Mikus79
    25.4.2016 14:28:44

    Thanks for replies. I had no idea what term backbook/laybook meant I thought it relates just to prices on the back/lay side. So thank you for explanation. I use fill kill bot instead of place bet bot because I want only place bet after finishing the first set and before any point of the second set is played. In the place bet bot when I set the range of odds I would like my bet to be matched the bot will be waiting until these odds are met but it could mean that some points have already been played in the second set. Anyway thanks again I will test last traded price criteria. Cheers

  • Mikus79
    13.2.2016 0:48:48

    Thank you Stefan, I tested it and it's working the way I wanted. Cheers

  • Mikus79
    12.2.2016 9:45:44

     Hi Stefan, I cannot set the bot so it could work like I want. I entered multiple values entries in Games Score and I think that's why the bot is not being activated because you mentioned that only SetScore and PreviousSetGamesScore parameters accept multiple values. However in my example I wanted the bot to be activated in the current set at the particular score ( 2 - 0;3 - 1 etc ) that's why I put this values in the GamesScore. Any ideas how to solve this?

  • Mikus79
    8.2.2016 14:09:46

    Perfect, I will have it tested tonight. Thank you Stefan for quick response.



  • Mikus79
    13.1.2016 22:26:14

    OK guys no sweat, everything is working fine. I dont know what was it. I just restarted my computer and bfexplorer few times and now it's fine.