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  • Mir.
    25.8.2015 17:47:33



    My csv:


    - only one row...

  • Mir.
    25.8.2015 0:39:46

    sorry, StakeType issue when using Use Ladder feature still don't work correctly.



    - Place Bet

    - Be The First In Queue

    - Fill Or Kill

    - Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position

    - Tick Offset


    - Scratch Trading bot still works with Stake only

  • Mir.
    24.8.2015 21:49:23

    I prefer so the most easily trading as can be...


    This is afternoon test... full automated trading on 3-4 selections.
    I am sure that will be more profitable if I can cut losses and take profits... on average

    Big profits and big losses - nothing good for premium charge





    BTW: now I need analyse winning streak for my Place Bet Close Position bots - If I have "output" data, each robot will have their name, I can easily find out winning streak - first step for any staking plan

  • Mir.
    24.8.2015 19:55:12

    Yes, I know...

    But I only know how to use in-buid features.

    Close Market Bet Position bot write to Output window potential profit. This is only one available posibility for me...

    I used Stop Market Monitoring too. What about implement save data from market into this bot. I think all records from "Output window" and from current market is enough.

    // it is only suggestion. Ask for all other traders if will be usefull for

  • Mir.
    24.8.2015 13:22:56

    spacebar shortcut - center ladders in the Bet Event Trader

  • Mir.
    23.8.2015 14:15:21

    Can you make videos with visible mouse cursor?

    Very hard to watching

  • Mir.
    23.8.2015 14:06:51

    Executing through Use Ladder function does not works correctly...

    Use StakeType from beStakeIs

  • Mir.
    22.8.2015 22:33:47


    Tick Profit, Net Tick Profit ... why is not in Stake, Stake attribute

  • Mir.
    16.8.2015 21:36:26

    I can not imagine it. Hard to read it, difficult to understand!

  • Mir.
    16.8.2015 10:42:50

    Hi Hamid,

    now opens window with parameter hint.




  • Mir.
    15.8.2015 14:43:11

    This settings of the Place Bet bot - place bet at best Back price, immediatelly - without offer to take better Back price.


  • Mir.
    15.8.2015 13:41:07


    This is situation from my lastest post...

  • Mir.
    15.8.2015 13:30:56

    Hi Hamid,


    1) check if you are Professional user (or Free Tial) -

    Free Trial and Professional subsciption allows using bots and others variations of automated trading.


    2) Create a new Place Bet bot without any your parameter (default) only your Odds (4,80 is example) and PlaceBetInAllowedPrice to False.


    3) Open Market/Selection and execute this bot by Start button.


    What's happened?


  • Mir.
    14.8.2015 17:17:46

    One problem is border where bots are start/stop
    Better set: start 2 ticks/ stop 6 ticks from best back/lay price...

  • Mir.
    14.8.2015 15:36:28

    Is the trigger complicated?
    Is problem that on Selection runs 10 or more bots?

    Many bets?

    I think the key is parameters of action bots.
    If runs without bet actions, no problem for me.

  • Mir.
    14.8.2015 15:08:08

    Why is wrong?


    This only simulates what I do manually...

    It is not universal trigger for most markets, I prefer horse racing market. You need some extra conditions?

  • Mir.
    14.8.2015 14:03:06

    I do not question the usefulness Bot Executor for Selections...


    There are good reasons for using bot Executor for Selections (explained in your comment) but solution it's not exactly as entered. Thats all.


  • Mir.
    14.8.2015 11:39:51

    I solved a similar problem with the bot and eventually helped me uncheck this parameter.
    Probably a coincidence in my case...

  • Mir.
    14.8.2015 10:07:12

    I've written some tutorials for the past version of the BFE.
    I'll do that also for this.

    I'm still learning and this will help me very much...

  • Mir.
    14.8.2015 10:02:31

    The hint in bubble is not problem.

    Problem is in FM. ( Manual).

    Yes, parameters may are understandable but all (ALL BEGINERS) don´t know what the paramater do exactly. What changes in behavior of a bot, how bot work with the bets, when kill bet, when place bet immediatelly, when and why close position etc.

    Many frustrating hours of testing...

    Yes, some videos describe how to linear solve concrete problem, but user try find available information right now!
    User needs information which describe parameter, behavior and some examples for dummies (for me -without common sence- too).