Mouse over bubble text to quick to disapear!!

Hi Stefan,


I am sure even for native English speaker it is hard.



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  • Mir.
    14.8.2015 10:02:31

    The hint in bubble is not problem.

    Problem is in FM. ( Manual).

    Yes, parameters may are understandable but all (ALL BEGINERS) don´t know what the paramater do exactly. What changes in behavior of a bot, how bot work with the bets, when kill bet, when place bet immediatelly, when and why close position etc.

    Many frustrating hours of testing...

    Yes, some videos describe how to linear solve concrete problem, but user try find available information right now!
    User needs information which describe parameter, behavior and some examples for dummies (for me -without common sence- too).

  • Mir.
    14.8.2015 10:07:12

    I've written some tutorials for the past version of the BFE.
    I'll do that also for this.

    I'm still learning and this will help me very much...

  • Stefan
    14.8.2015 13:36:18

    Hamid, please next be a little bit specific, because frankly to say I did not know about what you were talking about.

    Tooltips or small popup windows are standard part of user interface you can find across all apps on Windows operation system. Tooltips appears for around 6 seconds on standard toolbars, or in parts of user interface where long text is abbreviated and a control supports tooltip feature, for instance all grid controls in my app supports this feature. In ribbon toolbars, such are called those toolbars you can see for instance in Microsoft Office apps, and through all Windows 10 apps, the tooltip behavior is a little bit different.

    Just Miro’s comment helped me to realize that you are maybe talking about tooltips in Bot editor, and yes there tooltips are not good solution to show bot parameter description, I changed it to the panel view.

    Every bot parameter has its description, so for those having problem what Stake parameter could mean, there is a description saying:

    “Your stake amount you want to bet. When laying your liability is different, to lay with the stake liability set the parameter StakeIsMyLiability to True.”

    And because all those parameters are repeated across all bfexplorer bots, I do not think a user has a problem to understand in the rest of bots what Stake means in a bot setting. Parameters are used exactly by its meaning, so there is not possible to misunderstand a bot behavior defined by a bot parameter. The same bot name parameter means the same bot behavior across all betfair bots bfeplorer uses.

    I do not think people learn how to use programs by memorizing how to use any program, they learn by understanding application features and using them in different scenarios.

    For instance copy & paste can be found in any program/application, right? If people are stupid, then they at least understand how to close a program, by clicking on x button, and they know how to copy and paste anything. Those are application features learnt and used across all apps.

    Well in bfexplorer I did not expose Cut/Copy/Paste context menu in any control, only where it is suitable, but ctrl+c is still supported by all grid controls in my app, so you can copy and paste to a text editor selection data from grid, for instance:

    Selection Name Status LPT Total Matched
    Justice Law Active 3 31 199,11


    Well, you would notice that copied were only those columns showed in the header, clicking on the header exposes header context menu where you can find Show Column Chooser. Some columns are hidden, but I put there all columns you could use for filtering or sorting grid rows, so if you drop Back column to the Bet Event grid and then again you repeat ctrl+c action you will get:

    Selection Name Status Back LPT Total Matched
    Justice Law Active 3 3 31 206,11


    That is what I call an intuitive user interface or just common sense when operating program. Once learnt ctrl+c feature is applied anywhere.

    Miro, you are of course free to do anything on bfexplorer forum, but for others would be helpful to read about a bot use case scenarios or scenarios where you can show how to use different bfexplorer features or tools.

    I already created 3 or 4 articles with Case Study in article names, showing how easy is to use bfexplorer features on real examples users of other betfair apps have/had problems to execute. In all those articles I left links to forums I took those examples from, so anyone can check solution by bfexplorer and those by other betfair apps.

    If you check those links then you will find that almost all such requests on competitor forums are not yet implemented.

  • Hamid
    16.8.2015 10:13:08

    Ok Stefan, in the future I will try to be more precis. For instance if you wnat to built a Bot in "my Bot" like "PlaceBet" and you want more info about the parameter "PlaceBetOnTime", the bubble over the mouse shows a long text which disapear after fews seconds, too short time to read for me.



  • Mir.
    16.8.2015 10:42:50

    Hi Hamid,

    now opens window with parameter hint.




  • Stefan
    16.8.2015 10:48:34

    Hamid, I think you already noticed that I do updates to bfexplorer, so at the moment I replied to this article, you can read my comment above from 8/14/2015 1:36:18 PM, I already updated the feature you were talking about, changing tooltip (you call that “bubble”) bot description to the panel description.


    Such type of updates can be done in minutes, just by changing one property in UI control and rebuilding and publishing project, what took me around 20 minutes. I always report such updates to Bfexplorer Latest Release.