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  • Mir.
    23.9.2015 13:21:54

    Here is screenshot of settings triggers.



    1st trigger Lay all the field at 1,10 (constant) with default Stake (Amount). No other conditions.

    2nd trigger Cancel all Lay bets on this market when on any other Selection matched Lay bet

    3rd trigger green up (hedge) position. On Selection where Lay bet matched...


    I will send videocast later

  • Mir.
    22.9.2015 18:23:55


    there are many variation how to Lay the Field and etc. ...


    This trigger puts bet only if the Best Lay Price on Selection is equal or less than 1,10 and Greenup if Back price on this Selection =>1,35.

    By changing 2 parameters trigger place Lay bets immediately, and after first matched Lay bet -> Cancel all others... No need, custom script.


  • Mir.
    22.9.2015 17:39:33

    Stefan, for understanding of the Market Feeder Pro is enough to read the manual:


    Maybe funny, but there are huge quantity ready-made options, variables, addressing bets, logs... etc.
    Triggers are .xml files. You can duplicate, modify hundred values in minute etc.

    Some operations are comfortable in Bfe, especially with prebuilt bots.

    The difference is that you can all put together like Lego cubes. Without the support programmer.



  • Mir.
    22.9.2015 16:40:26

    Ilya, read as I wrote. You are "a new fresh blood" maybe you are want to the same things as I want, but I cannot explain it.

    Some things "are", but differently works... etc.
    A slightly different user interface and experience is completely different

    For example Bfexplorer Console:
    Maybe nice tool, but for non-programmer user is stressful. How can I do it this and this... I already do not ask because they already bigger fool can not even be here...

  • Mir.
    22.9.2015 15:28:54

    I'm waiting for the right time to propose the killer improvements for automated solutions.

    For example "sandbox trading": trading 2 or more strategies on ONE MARKET - in PracticeMode, Sandboxed.

    This feature will allow test many strategies in real time on the same market. How many strategies you have got for soccer matches, for horse racing, for greyhound betting?

    Which is the best?


    Markets are changing. Results of strategies too.

    But, follow up! -> if some trading strategy has a good results today, it can switch to Real Money Mode automatically. So easy. Without huge risk.




    Bfexplorer. This is powerfull tool.


  • Mir.
    22.9.2015 14:50:29

    God bless Ilya Nikol!




    Without irony, really!

    I sometimes weary explaining the daily work on the markets and efforts to improve them. I gave up customization of bfexplorer for manual trading. I have a lifetime license to GeeksToy and MarketFeederPro. Why would I want to do something more complicated, is not it?


    Ilya Nikol welcome!

    You can explain improvements in other words, and you'll be understood.

  • Mir.
    21.9.2015 15:16:16

    Soon I will reinstall to a clean Win 10.

    I will try again.



    Now I have got folder with a scripts on the separate hard drive, not in Docu folder like you...

  • Mir.
    20.9.2015 18:45:16

    Yes, I understand.

    Trouble is when the first bet matched. Next bot in Chain execution (Stop Market monitoring with StopRunningBot parameter) close ALL OTHER BOTS. In this case if close Chain execution bot will not run next others...



    I asked a similar question. Answer is here: the bot

  • Mir.
    20.9.2015 18:20:55

    There is concrete bot. Works fine.



    Download file and open in My Bots...


  • Mir.
    20.9.2015 17:47:48

    Ilya Nikol,

    if you are manual trader you can cancel bets:

    - on the Ladder (click column header - To Lay, To Back)

    - in the Market Bets (select curent bet and cancel)


    If you are trader with full automated solution, you must know which bets are on the selection or market. If there are Open bets or Close bets, never mind if bets are with Lay or Back type.


    Or ... in other words: you must cancel Lay bets if your Open bet is Lay bet and full matched? No.

    I expect that you have only Close bet on the Selection, with Back bet type.


    I understand your requirement, but it not need actually.

  • Mir.
    20.9.2015 16:36:35

    Hi Ilya Nikol,

    bots are more universal than you can see on the first look. Some combos of bot are very usefull for manual traders. Some for full automated betting or trading. For example Tick Offset bot vs. Place Bet and Close Positon.

    For manual traders is the best feature run a bots directly on the Ladder.


    Partial matching - my experience, more small bet are better than one big.

    InPlay - there are AllowPlacingBetInPlay and AtInPlayKeepBet parameters

    Offset - you can set by ticks Profit/Loss, see Close selection bots



    If you want set exactly open bets and close bets use 2 Place Bet bot in Chain Execution. It is easy:

    Chain Execution (PlaceBet01 bot (Lay, Odds 2,30; Stake 10), PlaceBet02 bot (Back, Odds 2,70; Stake 11,74)

    It is exactly by you want!



  • Mir.
    20.9.2015 15:36:14


    1) Stop Market Monitoring bot can Stop all running bots and Cancel your bets



    2) Place bet on Selections - you have 2 easy way

    A) You can create Place Bet bot for every selection...


    B) You create one Place Bet bot with default settings "Selection", and than create Execite on Selection bot...

    This bot execute any Bot on any Selection you want.

  • Mir.
    20.9.2015 15:16:51

    MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference is difference between offered prices in ticks.


    If you need place bet only when small gap (maximum 3 ticks) you set:

    MinimumOddsDifference: 0
    MaximumOddsDifference: 3


    If you need place bet (offer your bet) only when gap is on the selection minimum 3 ticks (and max 6 ticks) you set:

    MinimumOddsDifference: 3
    MaximumOddsDifference: 6



  • Mir.
    19.9.2015 13:30:33



  • Mir.
    19.9.2015 13:06:36

    BTW: the cheapest way is xDSL line, own passive PC with W10, ups power supply, battery.



    And, you have to be ready for full automated trading, or betting. You must be 100% sure what you doing and why.

    Can you let run bots and go for a walk?



  • Mir.
    16.9.2015 21:13:52

    I can not move an items (bots) up / down in My Bot window...

    (really minor problem, Save and Open bot setting is better then moving...)

  • Mir.
    15.9.2015 18:59:05

    hi, no need to implement today.
    I am thinking about it. How to do it more simple IfThenElse bot

  • Mir.
    14.9.2015 21:52:47

    I would implement only to the "Place Bet and Close Selection Bet Position" bot. There are Profit and Loss as a sure result of trade...

    And would be more easy than IfThenElse bot
    Or not?

  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 21:41:21

    Yes, Stefan right.

    If the "repeated" bot is the same...  "Repeat until" bot is better in this case.




    On the screen: bot "MyBotUO25" repeated 4 times

  • Mir.
    13.9.2015 21:27:13

    Like this:



    Chain execution bot:




    Try it in Practice Mode!


    Profit is 10 ticks - (from 1,50 to 1,60)

    Loss is 20 ticks - (from 1,50 to 1,30)


    You can select concrete Selection, Stake, ... etc.