Place bet only once

I am using the bot "place bet and close Selection bet position" and set this range if the price walk very fast, but it has happened it open more than an order, to avoid this the parameter "maximumoddsdifference" and minimum, can help the value we put corresponds to ticks or odds?


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  • Mir.
    20.9.2015 15:16:51

    MinimumOddsDifference and MaximumOddsDifference is difference between offered prices in ticks.


    If you need place bet only when small gap (maximum 3 ticks) you set:

    MinimumOddsDifference: 0
    MaximumOddsDifference: 3


    If you need place bet (offer your bet) only when gap is on the selection minimum 3 ticks (and max 6 ticks) you set:

    MinimumOddsDifference: 3
    MaximumOddsDifference: 6



  • Stefan
    20.9.2015 19:04:47

    Rui just read bot parameters descriptions, if read them you would not set bot parameters you set in your picture, as actually with such bot parameter setting your bet would be placed only when gap between offered the beats back and lay odds is equal to 7.