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  • Graf
    17.10.2021 20:47:59

    Yes, all is perfect, now. Thank you.

  • Graf
    10.10.2021 16:38:27

    Yes, it's good to know that Štefan is aware of this problem in Betfair website. I had no idea that there are only 15 paying subscribers, understand that his time and extra work should be compensated to improve live scores performance and wouldn't mind to contribute myself to have most important matches covered. Another very important issue for me would be to have goals confirmed only after ball goes to the midfield and match is resumed. If possible, that would also be a major upgrade.    

  • Graf
    8.10.2021 23:37:47

    I understand, but my bots need this data from main matches to be profitable. They cannot work only with live football match time and score from so few matches from lower leagues.

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 21:19:18

    Even UEFA Nations League semi final Italy vs Spain, the most important football match today, has no livescore. It says 0' 0-0 when actually it's already 28' and 0-1. This is surreal. 

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 19:52:41

    My bots can't work like this

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 13:47:53

    All japanese and thai matches that started at 11h and 12h with 0' and 0-0 score ? Sorry, but this is not Betfair problem.

  • Graf
    6.10.2021 13:43:03

    Problem persists. Tired of losing money because never know when livescores are working or not...

  • Graf
    24.10.2020 15:17:41

    Today Football Livescores are working fine again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my computer. Yesterday Football Livescores failed to refresh properly during the whole day. Today everything is ok again. Thank you.

  • Graf
    11.6.2020 13:42:32

    It could make some sense not to make so many calls until the first goal is scored and there is no active bet and most of all if the match ends 0-0. Am I right ?

  • Graf
    22.5.2020 20:55:02

    Sure. That is why Î say this delay must have been imposed because of low value in Strategy/Bot Executor Active markets Update intervals. It had nothing to do with passive markets.

  • Graf
    22.5.2020 20:15:00

    In that case, problem can only be with Strategy/Bot Executor Active markets Update intervals. Maybe less than 2 seconds it's just much too low value. That is the only reason I can find...

  • Graf
    22.5.2020 18:50:33

    I also never opened ay market witout placing any bet on it. That argument makes no sense at all. The main questions here are: do BF Explorer makes any data readings when Monitor passive markets are off and all markets on Strategy/Bot Executor are passive ? Does BF Explorer make any data readings simply because you are logged in and only with passive markets on Strategy/Bot Executor ?  

  • Graf
    22.5.2020 16:25:36

    I just need to know if I only use Strategy/Bot Executor, Start execution: -00:05:00, Update interval (s): 1.5 and I select 5 markets on 100 matches. With Monitor passive markets set to NO, will there be any data readings before 5 minutes of start of first match (while all markets on Strategy/Bot Executor are still "Passive") ? Thank you

  • Graf
    22.5.2020 1:16:53

    I understand your point, but I have always referred your software to other betfair traders and will keep doing so.

    You have not "failed" in the most important item, because you created a great software, for which I don't mind a bit to keep paying a subscription, taking in account all the money it has already given me the oportunity to win.

    Having said so, only two words remain to be added: THANK YOU !  

  • Graf
    21.5.2020 22:33:26

    I have this message on my Community Status:

    "You are eligible to subscribe for bfexplorer community subscription plan"

    I have shared information that you considered useful for the community.

    What else do I have to do ?


  • Graf
    21.5.2020 13:56:26

    Betfair finally answered my messages and kindly fixed the delay problem caused by BF Explorer software data requests:


    Recently we have done a review of usage of exchange market data to highlight the accounts reading the most and using up our system resources. 

    On review of your account, you have been found to have made over xxx million requests to the exchange in the last 3 months using the BFExplorer API. This amount of reading activity must be reduced if you would like the market data delay to be removed from your account. 

    Please could you explain why your account is reading this volume of data.

    Kind Regards,

    Betfair Developer Program"


    If I set:

    Application » Settings » Update Interval » Active market [ms] to 500

    Monitor passive markets: NO


    Order » Bot Executor » Update Interval [s] to 1.5

    BF Explorer will make a data update request for Active markets every 500ms or 1500ms ?

    Will it make any data update requests for Passive markets ?

    If I keep Monitor passive markets set to NO and also set Use market/order streaming to YES, will it make any data update requests for Passive markets ? 

  • Graf
    13.5.2020 19:34:22

    The odds on my betfair exchange webpage also have the same 2 to 4 minutes delay. I have sent a request to last weekend but got no answer.  In no time they will be also kicked off from the uk

  • Graf
    9.5.2020 19:25:23

    I have checked my mail and I have no message from Betfair.

  • Graf
    9.5.2020 18:17:31

    Ok I uderstand. I tried what you suggest but same problem persists. What reason Betfair override API on multiple accounts which only thing in common is software ? What else can I do ? Thank you 

  • Graf
    9.5.2020 17:31:53

    I have same problem. Betfair also said to contact software support.