Delayed API Status

Hello. Since yesterday I have a delayed API on my BF Explorer trading software. I had no bots running when this happened and now I am also unable to trade as all stakes in the markets keep flashing all over the ladders on random odds, being absolutely impossible to figure out what was the last price traded and all other API data. Why as this happened ? Anyone else facing this same problem ? What can be done for the software to have access to the Betfair API data in real time again ?

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  • Stefan
    9.5.2020 16:15:28

    Betfair switches delayed api for any account with zero balance, or not activate accounts.

    Not activate account means that you did not place matched bet on betfair for more than 3 months, just do so, place a matched bet and after it is settled I believe your next login to betfair with any betfair api app will reactivate your full api access.

    Place your bet through betfair web page, on betfair exchange, of course.

  • Tony
    9.5.2020 17:15:58

    I have funds in my account, last time I had zero balance was 4 years ago when I first opened my account, I have never been more than a week without placing any bets and my last bets were placed last friday morning before this first happened with my software. I have contacted Betfair and they guaranteed I have no restrictions on my account and for any further details regarding this issue, I should contact my third party trading software support which originated this issue. 

  • Stefan
    9.5.2020 17:26:27

    Tony, but do you understand that betfair controls which account has delayed api access and which one not?

    It is not me, betfair software vendor. I have api access as you, using my app key, and it is full api access.

    So if it was true, what betfair support is trying to suggest you, that my app is causing your problems, that is simply not true, because then none of my users, nor me whould have full api access. 

    Bfexplorer is asigned app key to access api, but any other restrictions are done by betfair only.

  • Graf
    9.5.2020 17:31:53

    I have same problem. Betfair also said to contact software support.

  • Stefan
    9.5.2020 17:42:07

    Here is the information from betfair BDP web site:

    My app key, bfexplorer app key is not delayed app key, so the only problems are those ones I already mentioned, betfair says:

    "You’ll receive delayed Exchange market data if you are logged out, logged in but have never funded your account or if your account has been restricted by Betfair to received delayed data only."

    This applies for my api access (Bfexplorer is "Vendor App customers"):

    "You'll receive delayed data when using a live App Key if your Betfair account has never been funded or if an override has been applied to your account, or App Key. "

  • Graf
    9.5.2020 18:17:31

    Ok I uderstand. I tried what you suggest but same problem persists. What reason Betfair override API on multiple accounts which only thing in common is software ? What else can I do ? Thank you 

  • Tony
    9.5.2020 18:30:29

    Is this override temporary ? How can it be lifted ?

  • Bodasy
    9.5.2020 18:35:29

    Hi i also have delayed api since yesterday

  • Stefan
    9.5.2020 18:48:17

    Graf, my records says your last login with bfexplorer app was on 14.4.2020 15:24:37. 

    Tony's one today: 9.5.2020 0:21:52. Time is in CET (Central European Time) 

    From my side that is all what I can say about your activity. Bfexplorer App key is active one, no other users reported problems, nor me have problems with betfair api data. I have got full api access.

    Betfair restricts api access, and full api access can be activated again by them only.

    Betfair restricts access to api to users who use their data not for betting or trading on betfair, or who missuse betfair api data.

    If you search forum for similar posts, you can find this one: Restricted Betfair account

    In the above case the user was no longer my susbcriber, and his access was restricted because he used api data just for testing stratergies, he was not betting or trading on betfair, and as you can read from his post betfair informed him:

    "With regret, we have restricted your Betfair account with a delay to Exchange market data (odds and volumes). The restriction is in accordance with our Terms and Conditions; in particular the intellectual property clauses with reference to Betfair data.

    Your data usage profile represents that of a commercial user. Note that usage of Betfair Exchange market data by any user in a commercial context requires a data licence. Betfair offers a commercial data licensing scheme, details of which can be found at"

    If betfair did not inform you yet, then they will do so, but I am sure you have got already from them similar letter as Mir did get. 


  • Tony
    9.5.2020 19:20:44

    I haven't receive any message from Betfair so far. As described, I was the one that contacted yesterday Betfair via live chat and they guaranteed that my account had NO restrictions. I even specified and asked them if they could also guarantee that my account had NO API restrictions, which they also confirmed. I have also sent a message to Developers department, but they say third party software users should contact third party software support. This is what am I trying to do and ask you to please give us a more direct contact on Betfair where this problem could be solved.